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August 31

On Sunday, Christopher Hardwick and I co-hosted the Renegade Mermaid Parade. It was a wonderful afternoon of costumery! And we got loads of press. Apparently, unbridled joy and creativity is in short supply these days!

Everyday Costumers

Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love, love, LOVE to wear costumes! Seven-and-a-half years of weekly theme parties has given me a seriously deep inventory of costumes. It takes me longer to dress like a “normal person” than it does to look like just about anything else. On the many nights when I’ve ventured out in some sort of wacky drag, people enjoy yelling, “Halloween is over!” For me, every day is potentially Halloween. The same can be said for these folks!


Photo by Talli Jackson

Darrell Thorne is the most talented costumer I know. And that is saying a lot! The photos of him hardly even look human. He creates massive headpieces and enormous wings, coats himself with layers of glitter on top of layers of body paint, drapes himself in chains and basically becomes somethin. Darrell works for all the big fancy parties in NYC — and around the world slide_374434_4368330_compressed.jpg— as a go-go dancer but he is really more of an art installation. I mean, look at that photo. Seriously. Obviously he is in high demand
whether he works as a stylist, makeup artist or performer. He also creates otherworldly accessories for others, including Madonna, Brooke Candy and Jennifer Hudson. Check out the After Dark profile of Darrell for photos of his many looks.
11289414_10155558188840570_7707553715067885945_o.jpgNina and Jim always spend ages on their costumes for every event they attend. As the reigning king and queen of Kostume Kult, they really need to bring it. And they consistently do! “Costume Jim” is a founder of the Burning Man theme camp and event production group that’s behind The Black & Light Ball, The Horned Ball and their annual Halloween Parade float. On-playa, they give costumes
906112_10207768620830388_3620244404454677599_oaway in their dome and invite people to model their new ensembles and Jim presented a TEDTalk: “Fun, Farce and Purpose.” Year-round, Jim is an artist, event producer and executive recruiter. Nina is a psychiatrist who conducts brain experiments and serves on the Fashion Committee at The National Arts Club. But together, they’re an indomitable costume duo. Jim really found his costumery equal in Nina!

10645061_10204878764511533_4721834682689189936_n.jpgPaul Nagle is a clever combination of costumer and activist. He often creates his outfits with a political concept behind them. That’s him at the Peoples’ Climate March, in the photo above, with the white robe and 11001822_10153123125382460_4199189433969581979_n.jpgcolorful halo of flowers. He takes to the streets in full regalia to support the causes he believes in: protests against Monsanto and fracking, the NYC Pride March, Bernie Sanders rallies, as well as all the best celebrations: Dance Parade, HONK NYC!, the Halloween Parade, SantaCon, Invasion of the Pines, the Mermaid Parade…well, you get the picture! And so does Paul! The camera loves him; he shows up in the photo essays of every event he attends. He works tirelessly for a number of community organizations, volunteering his time even when not in costume!

Machine Dazzle is another masterful costumer, shouldering some of the most cumbersome ensembles I’ve ever seen. For one Mermaid Parade he was one of five dancers; he carried the mannequins of the other four! I met him back when he was designing the costumes for the Dazzle Dancers and have stage managed him at numerous events, including Night of a Thousand Stevies. He’s another one who’s a blast to have backstage! He is “an alchemist, able to take humble materials and spin them into charmed garments that transform humans into radiant, magical beings.” And speaking of magical beings, Machine was the costume designer for Basil Twist’s recent show at Abron’s Art Center. I was loving the rhinestone-studded loin cloth!

Early Signs of Spring?

Sure, there was a blizzard on Friday. It wasn’t a very spring-like weekend, weather-wise. But activity-wise, it most definitely was!

On Friday, my millinery class was cancelled due to “Nemo” so I got my Mardi Gras on and headed over to NYC’s Most Authentic Mardi Gras Party, a fundraiser event coordinated by my friend Wylie. Brother Josephus, a band I first experienced at the same party a few years back, was the headlining act. I’d been, um, charmed by one particular band member. He performed in a white tux with tails, purple gloves, a king crown and goggles. Quite a fashion statement. This year, however, he wore a white t-shirt (like, an undershirt t-shirt), a red scarf and no hat or goggles. Or purple gloves. I didn’t recognize him at all. It left me wondering why he’d, well, let himself go. Maybe he got married. Har-har-har! Anyway, Pinky and I got smashed on hurricanes, stopped for a nightcap and photobooth pix at Double Down, then bumbled home in the snow.

Saturday we donned our matching sparkly pink snakeskin spandex pants and our light-up headpieces for Ominous City’s First Date, a celebration of Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. I tended bar and had a blast while Pinky hobnobbed with the other revelers and helped me out as barback. That bash lasted until 5:30am. Gah. But it was the warmest, most wonderful assemblage of humans I’ve experienced in a long time! I can’t wait for the next one! Johnny joined us for a slumber party and Sunday the three of us ordered Chinese in further sobered-up celebration. Then, if you can believe it, I got called into Double Down. I dragged my exhausted ass into the bar at 8 and actually managed to remain vertical until closing time. Thank goodness for the birthday party group that kept me awake.

Ordinarily I would’ve spent Monday sprawled on the couch in recuperation but, alas, I have an upcoming event to promote so I headed east a block for Poly Cocktails. I didn’t last long, but at least I made an appearance! I also met the manager and got to chat up Kat, Larissa, Carin and Dicie — many birds with one stone.

Today I very much wanted to celebrate Fat Tuesday but there just didn’t seem to be an easy way to pull it off. I had an afternoon jewelry making lesson in Brooklyn with the talented Anne Arden McDonald and my party partner Pinky was in class all evening, making planning problematic. Oh well. This holiday passed us by. Though we certainly roullez-ed enough bonne temps on Friday!

And speaking of my party partner, Pinky and I are combining creative forces to form PINKITRIX, making “whimsical costumery and colorful headpieces” as well as offering “party planning for special occasions.” Perhaps our works will soon include my newly acquired (though not quite yet honed) skills of millinery and jewelry making! Wheeeeeeee!

Yeah, I know…not the most exciting blog post. But I’ve been busy! I shipped two tiaras last week in between everything else! Oh! And I think OKCupid has banned me. Probably for promoting my Heart Palpitations event coming this Sunday. The site won’t let me log in, citing “technical difficulties,” but I’m the only person I know who’s experiencing them. Oh well. Maybe it’s time for Christian Mingle. Haharrrahahahhah-aackk! Anyway. Off I go to bed to watch another episode of Downton Abbey on my iPhone!

Brick & Mortar Me

Hello, readers!
Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve been busy being productive! I started my class at FIT and whipped up a few new tiaras. Now, I’d like to tell you about a few upcoming events I’m involved in:

The first one, I’ve been hired as sort of a “celebrity bartender.” I’m
very flattered and want to make sure they think they made a smart
choice! The cover is crazy high but they’ve offered MY FRIENDS a

The second event is one I’m producing myself. It’s the first event
I’ve put together in a LONG time. I’d love to see you there! And if
you can’t make it, any help promoting it, letting friends (or anyone
you think might be interested) know about it, would be greatly

This Saturday, February 9, I’ll be bartending at Ominous City, a
burneresque celebration of Valentine’s Day and the Lunar New Year.
The cover is steep but you’ll get in for a reduced price if you enter
this discount code: @bbiluv
For complete party details, check out their Facebook page:

On Sunday, February 17, I’m producing my first event in ages: Heart
Palpitations, an enchanting evening of interactive lessons in
love…and more!
Complete details are below, but here is the link to the Facebook page:

Valentine’s Day has blown over and you’ve gobbled down all your
conversation hearts. Now what? Dating Blogger and nightlife empresaria
EditrixAbby presents Heart Palpitations, a post-Valentine’s Day event
for couples, singles, seekers and students of the heart.

Recently fixated on all things LOVE, Abby has assembled an eclectic
assortment of experts on passion. Whether you’re suffering from a love
hangover or you’re blissfully coupled, this enchanting evening offers
lessons for everyone.

The evening begins with a tantalizing appetizer by Ebonie Little, who
will combine the two interests in a guided “eating meditation”, We’ll
learn to re-engage the senses to savor what we put into our
bodies–and in effect, remember loving self-care. Ebonie creates
chocolate delights through Miss Little’s Jars. She will be offering
sensuous treats like Moussexy, a chai-spiced, sugar-free confection,
and truffles in many flavors, for sale in the cocktail lounge. Ms.
Little also founded Eating Consciously, a grassroots online dialogue
on mindful nutrition.

Author, sex educator, video producer and relationship lecturer Jamye
Waxman will facilitate an ice breaker to help you communicate more
effectively about sexuality.

Stacy Rapp, “Head Witch” at Enchantments, the East Village
headquarters for all your Wiccan and witchy needs, will lead a
goddess-based confidence and beauty spell to increase your attraction

Be Wild Woman founder Kiana Love will incorporate dance and chakra
exercises to help you become more receptive to passion and abundance.

Closing out the evening, Elf Girl Reverend Jen will prove that humor
is a key component to passion. Proprietrix of The Troll Museum,
producer of The Anti-Slam and puppetmaster of the Mr. Lower East Side
Pageant, Rev. Jen has been a fixture of the underground East Village
arts scene since there actually was an underground arts scene.

Katie Hotaling is an amateur baker who whips up creative concoctions
to satisfy your sugar cravings. She will be sharing her pastry
decorating tips with you as you embellish your own baby cupcake.
‘Cause who doesn’t love sprinkles?

DJ Douggie Style will provide the sensuous soundtrack for the soiree,
from conversation-conducive subdued to a more electrified ambience
after 11. Monday is a holiday, so come out and play!

EditrixAbby will be your emcee, sharing anecdotes and advice for
dating in the 21st Century.

Show up early for your Goodie Bag, including a free porn DVD, cookies
by and more!

Affaire Downstairs is a cozy venue with a cocktail lounge for
conversation and a dance floor with plush nooks perfect for absorbing
lessons in romance. You are free to opt in (or out) of each

WHAT: Heart Palpitations
WHEN: Sunday, February 17
TIME: 7pm
WHERE: Affaire, 50 Avenue B at East 4th St.
COVER: $10

Costume Insanity

IMG_1838Yes, here it is. An exhaustive listing of all my costumery. Literally decades of creating and collecting, hoarding and bargain hunting. Seven and a half years of weekly fetish parties, with a new theme every week, required that I be ever-inventive. The parties ended ages ago but, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to stop myself. I spent over $100 just today. Oy vey. Just about everything is for sale. For a price. Or for rent! Yeah…that’s the ticket. I’ll rent this stuff so I can afford the rent on the damn storage space!
[I may edit, update, add and delete to this list as I buy or sell stuff. If so, I’ll change the date here–>Jan. 14, 2013.]

And yes. This is what I do with  my spare time. Unless I’m making tiaras. I suppose I should probably be writing…


Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Red Black & Yellow Oversized Plaid Coat with Stag Horn Buttons
Black Suede Fringed Jacket with White Trim
Purple Velvet Cloak with Cream Satin Lining
Red Metallic Motorcycle Jacket
Long Black Velvet Coat
White Tux Tails
Red White & Grey Marching Band Jacket
Orange & Metallic Moon Cloak
Floor-Length Pink Satin Opera Cloak
Yellow Chiffon Tiered Cloak
Teal Tyrolean Coat
Black Velvet Queen of Halloween Cape with Orange Satin Lining
Pale Turquoise Velvet Genie Coat with Gold Trim and Burgundy Velvet Lining
Long Black See-Through Catherine Coatney Coat
Long Black Open Cloak with Sparkly Swirl Appliqué
60’s Beige Trench Coat
Black & Grey Striped Choir Robe
Black & Lavender Metallic Bolero Jacket
White Fake Fur Short Jacket
Hot Pink Fake Fur Corset Jacket
Fuzzy Pastel Easter Coat
Purple Silk Cape (extra long)
Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Red Bones
Red Wool Felt Hooded Eskimo Coat with Embroidery & White Fur Trim
Black Feather Jacket
Black Fake Fur Capelet
Long Black Religious Robe
Long Black Hooded Cape with Purple Satin Lining
Long Black Wool Cape (4)
Long Black Blazer Coat with Rhinestones
Black Short Waiter Jacket
Black Velvet Vintage Cape (2)
Rainbow Sequin Cloak with Black Boa Trim
Green & Ochre Wool Leprechaun Coat (military style)
Distressed Cream Religious Cloak
Turquoise Velvet Blazer
Cream Canvas Button Coat
Red/Burgundy Military Blazer with Gold Buttons
Red 80s “Power Suit” Blazer
Long Black “Toga” Wrap with Gold Trim
Burgundy & Gold Pirate Cloak (Kathleen Marie) with Lace Neck Ruff
Mad Scientist Lab Coat

See-Through Metallic Sequin Vintage Slip
Black Slip
White Silky Short Robe
White Silky Robe with Black Lace Trim
Long White Vintage and Lace Robe
Long Black Eyelet-ish Vintage Robe
White Slip with Blood Splatters
White Lace Nightgown
Black Lace Bra
Black Jersey Bra
Black Merry Widow Bustier
Black Half-Slip with Flowered Ribbon Trim

Cream & Blue Empire Waist Dress
Olive Green 70s Dress with Rhinestones
White Mexican Dress
Yellow Flowered Mexican Dress
Burgundy Evening Gown with Black Beads
Green & Lavender Sequin Go-Go Dress
Red Beaded Vegas Dress
Black Flowered 40s-esque Dress
Black & Gold Polka Dot Cocktail Dress (80s)
Black Flowered Cocktail Dress (80s)
Black Bridesmaid Dress
Green Zombie Girl/Night of the Living Dead Dress
Black Vintage Dress with Beaded Designs
Long Black Dress with Lace (open back)
Vintage Sheer Navy Dress with Rhinestone Pin Accents
Long PVC Strapless Dress (new)
Black & Cream Mud Cloth Blazer Dress
60s Black Quilt & Neon Flower Hostess Dress
Blue Crushed Velvet Peasant Dress
White Nurse Uniform
Black Velvet Vintage Dress (torn)
Black Dirndl Dress (Germany) with Pink and Black Apron
Silver Spandex Dress with Neon Pom-Pom Trim
Red Long-sleeved Long Robe/Dress with Gold Trim
White Crushed Velvet Spandex Dress (long sleeves)
Blue Star Trek Uniform
See-Through Black Vintage Slip Dress with Metallic Sequins

Red Plaid Pleated Schoolgirl Short Skirt
Long Cream & Brown Plaid Kilt
Cream Lace/Ribbon Steam Punk Skirt
White Tulle Long Skirt/Slip
Long (really long) Silver Leather Skirt
White Leather Lace-Up Miniskirt (matching corset)
Black & White PVC Racing Stripe Miniskirt
Graffiti/Anime Miniskirt
Opalescent Blue Sequin Miniskirt
Leopard “Strips” Skirt
Black Sequin Short Skirt
Black Lace Skirt
Long Sheer Silvery Skirt
Red & Black Plaid Latex Skirt (schoolgirl)
Long Black Swirl Skirt
Black Denim Zipper & Metal Trim High-waisted Miniskirt (80s)
Black Nylon “Cop” Miniskirt
Black Cotton Miniskirt with Purple Ribbon “Slip”
Long Rose Tulip Skirt
Long Red Satiny Pencil Skirt
Long Pale Blue Satin Skirt with Peach Chiffon Tiers
Long Lavender Opalescent Skirt
Long Black Latex Circle Skirt
Long Black & Gold Victorian Skirt with enormous Bustle Slip
Teal Rayon File Draped Skirt
Royal Blue Tube Skirt
Red White & Blue Square Dance Skirt
Black “Strips” Skirt
Black Sheer Catherine Coatney Skirt
Teal Lamé Mermaid Skirt
Orange Crushed Velvet Short Skirt
Long Blue Teal Satin Skirt with Stars
Black Goth Skirt with Chains, Zippers, D-Rings (new)
Royal Blue Cotton Mexican Skirt with Yellow & Turquoise Geometric Designs, Sequins & Embroidery

Emroidered (by me) Levis Work Shirt (70s)
Sheer Shredded Black Blouse
Cream Pirate Blouse
Black Lace & Multi Ribbon Blouse
See-through Sparkly Leopard Blouse with Bell Sleeves
Black Latex & Mesh Top
White Cream Chiffon Hippy Blouse/Poncho with Green & Peach Embroidery
Baby Pink Cropped “Ed Wood” Sweater
Cream Long Sleeved Blouse with Silver Buttons (Germany)
Sheer Blue Flowered “Poncho”
Black Scoop Neck Blouse with Leg-o-Mutton Sleeves
Short Cotton Blouse (for dirndl)
Orange Chiffon “Endora” Flowy Tunic with Beaded Choker Neck
Black Knit Strapless Bustier-like Top with Pastel Rosettes
Cream & Gold Metallic Tunic Blouse with Popcorn/Ruching

Black Spandex Hot Pink Flames Burner Pants with Hot Pink Fake Fur Bell Bottoms
Burgundy Wool Knickers with Grey Piping
Brown Lace Pants
Lavender Dumb Clothing with Black Velvet Flocking
Blue Metallic Fabric Fringed Pants
1980’s Magenta Gloria Vanderbilt Corduroy Pleated Pants
Camo Raver Pants with Orange Trim
High-Waisted Black Jeans (80s)
Black & Neon “Vegas” Jeans
Navy, Teal, Green & White Lilly Pulitzer Paisley & Leopard Corduroy Pants (vintage?)
DogPile “Punk” Pants Patchwork Plaids with Zippers (new)

Disco Ball Pants & Blazer
Purple Stretch Lace Empire Waist Hippy Shirt with Purple Pearl Cabochons, Matching Purple, Brown & Navy Stretch Lace Bell Bottoms
Mummer/Mardi Gras Costume: Pants, Tunic & Hat
Burgundy Velvet Pére Noel Pants & Cloak with Brown Fake Fur Trim
Patsy Cline Costume: Black Cowgirl Shirt & Circle Skirt with Red Velvet Applique & Cream Fringe
Black & White Fringed Cow Print Mini Skirt & Tie Top
Blue Fringe Pants (handmade by me) with Matching Fuzzy Sweater
Red Velvet & White Fake Fur Trim Santa Jacket & Skirt with Black Belt
St. Pauli Girl Costume: White Blouse, Red Skirt, Blue Apron, Black Velvet Corset-like “Belt” with Gold Lacing
Dumb Clothing Grinch Santa Outfit: Neon Green with Hot Pink & Metallic Fake Fur Shirt, Skirt, Hat & Boot Covers/Bell Bottoms (not pants but elastic knee bells)
Mermaid & Neptune Costumes (Kitty Boots)
Red Sweatshirt with GLF (Gnome Liberation Front), matching Gnome Hat & Beard
Superman: Red Cape with Satin Logo, Red Body Suit with Satin Logo (must be pinned), Yellow Satin Waist Sash, Blue Shorts
Five Fairy Costumes (bodysuits & wings)
Wonder Woman: Bustier Cover (red with gold appliqué), Blue Satin Panties with Stars, Red White & Blue Cape (worn), Gold Rope Lariat of Truth, Wristlets (gold with red stars), Gold Tiara (from another costume), red socks with white ribbon stripe
Red Knit Clockwork Orange Pants Suit (pajama pants & tunic top)
Degas Ballerina Costume: Impressionist Tights, Tulle Skirt, Bodysuit, Ribbons

Mauve Sparkly Vest (Janis Joplin)
Black & Flowered Jumpsuit (80s)
Red Satin Tunic with Red Orange & Yellow Sequin Trim
PVC Cat Suit
Long PVC Tunic Vest
Shredded Black Cut-Off Shorts
Columbia Blue, Pastel Yellow & White Argyle Vest (Bermuda)
Duck Vest (Burning Man 2002 Lucky Larry’s Casino)
Red Union Suit
Long Black Denim Shorts
Plaid Madras Patchwork Bermuda Shorts
Silver/Grey PVC Boxers
Baby Blue & Pink Flowered Vintage Romper (60s)

Plexi & Silver Magic Wand
Magenta Cummerbund
Black & Copper Mesh Fabric
Black & Gold Star Fabric
Rubber Chest with Fake Fur
Black Satin Playboy Bunny (not finished)
Black Fur Cat Ears, Tail & Bow Tie
Extra Long Fairy Wings (chiffon with plexi rods)
Sheer Red Holiday Apron (Extreme Fetish)
Felt Gambling Table Prop
White Fake Fur Boot Covers
Black Fake Fur Chaps/Pants
Two Sets of Rubber Appliqué Bones
Scary Rubber Horned Face Mask
Red Felt Bones

Blonde (2)
Emerald Green with Bangs
Neon Green with Bangs
Neon Orange with Bangs
Platinum Blonde
Red Curls
Royal Blue with Bangs
Platinum Blonde Curls
White Afro
Multicolor Burneresque Clip-On Dreds (orange, turquoise blue, hot pink & bright green)
Ratty Black Vixen
Black Curly
Long Blonde
Long Ash Blonde
Neon Green Curly Extensions
Orange & Black Extensions
Men’s Grey
Curly Grey

Black with Silver Trim
Orange with Black Trim
Sea Foam Green

Royal Blue
Vintage Orange
Lavender with Pink Lace
Orange with Black Lace
Hot Pink


Black Platform Boots with Purple & Green Flowers
Black Anime Platforms with Velcro Closures
Black, Yellow, Green & Red Wingtips
Red Plaid Doc Martens
Silver Doc Martens
Black Ankle Strap Mary Jane Doc Martens
White & Reflect-y Platform Boots
White Doc Martens from Barney’s SF Opening (Kitty Boots)
Pointy/Curled-Toed Genie Shoes
Black Granny Shoes with Teardrop Cutouts
Blue Plastic & Wood “Candies” Stilettos
Black Penny Loafers
Purple & Silver Cowboy Boots
Silver Platform Stilettos
Red Doc Martens Mary Janes
Red Patent Leather Doc Martens
Blue Doc Martens
Black Patent Leather Short Boots with White Stripes

Cream Mark Montano Top Hat with Multi/Pastel Trim
Blue Denim Floppy Hat with Velvet Lace & Trim
Black Velvet Floppy Hat with Gold Metallic Trim
Black Rayon File Soft Top Hat
Antique Black Top Hat
Green Leprechaun Top Hat
Red Velvet Fez
Green Velvet & White Fake Fur Santa Hat
Bear Hat
Crushed Red Fedora with Red White & Blue Ribbon Trim
Black Fake Fur Bendable Pimp Hat
Pirate Hat
Tall Toad Ornate Pirate Tri-Corn
Rod Keenan Black Top  Hat
Fur Hat
Extra Long Red & White Santa Hat
Patricia Underwood Cream Wool Top Hat
Chef Hat
Black & Red Extra Long Santa Hat with Spike
Pink Kitty Hat
Lavender Top Hat
White Velvet Top Hat
Magenta/Pink Abby Yarn Top Hat
Neon Orange/White/Chartreuse Abby Yarn Top Hat (UV Reactive)
Black Straw Oversized Beret with White Band
Large Straw Sun Hat
PLUS all the hats on my Etsy page:

Peppermint Princess
Easter Egg-Splosion
Mardi Gras
Beaded Fire
White Trash Diva (plastic spoons, forks, knives)
Gingerbread Queen (with matching magic wand)
Mayan Mermaid
Goth Skull Gold, Black & Lace
Goth Skull Red Roses and Green, Red, White, Black Ribbon
See Etsy:

Red Satin with Black Lace Trim
White with Red Trim (Dark Garden)
Black Patent Leather with Silver Leather Swirl Appliqué (Dark Garden)
Brown Steampunk (Corset-Story)
Black Raw Silk with EditrixAbby Tattoo Flash Appliqué (Delicious Corsets)
Pink with Lavender PVC Trim
Black Leather
White with Silver Trim
Black Latex with Feathers
Black & White Pinstripes (Corset-Story)
Black & Blue Plaid Underbust (Dark Garden)
Gold Metallic with Black Trim
Pink & White Gingham
Black & Grey Striped/Lace Floral (Corset-Story)
Black Satin Ruffle with Rhinestone Flames
Silver “Tank” (Garo Sparo)
Pale Blue Suede Bandana with Black Leather Piping
Burgundy Velvet with Gold & Black Trim Pirate (Kathleen Marie)
Chartreuse Raw Silk with Teal Rayon File Trim (Dark Garden)
Blue Denim with Black Leather Trim
Black Patent
Black & Multi Brocade (broken zipper)
Black & Gold (really old, distressed)
Brown Satin with Gingerbread Decor
Black Velvet with Straps

Lavender Peep Bag
White Vegas Casino Chip Bag
Red & Black Patent Devil Bag
Blue Mesh & Sequin Virgin Mary Bag
Vintage Fur Zipper Envelope Muff/Bag
Red Metallic Bracelet Bag
Gold Vintage Metal Mesh Bag
Woven African Bag (3 sizes)
Gingerbread House Bag
Silver & Bakelite Box Purse
Shredded Chiffon Multicolor Strips Bag

Bottomless for a Hundred Bucks

“Wanna get naked for art and money? ART!” I cracked up when I got this text. How awesome is my life? “Full deets if you’re up for it,” the communiqué continued. “100 bucks. It’s not gross at all, for a super 3D video installation.” A hundred bucks? What wouldn’t I do for a hundred bucks? “In public or on film?” I asked, intrigued.

“Film,” was the response. “The artist wants you bad.” Ah, it’s always nice to be desired. “She’s the one filming?” I inquired further. “Yep, can be private if you think I’m a pervert,” my perverted friend replied. “And if you do, you are right,” she added. Hah! All my friends are pervs! My reluctance was more about who else would be “on set.” “You’re okay,” I told her. “I was more concerned about dudes.”

After she assured me that there would be no one else watching, I requested the artist’s “mission statement” so I’d have an idea of her vision — the full “deets” — and agreed to participate. Sunday evening I was the last in a succession of subjects for Elizabeth Valleau‘s project: people posed in an assortment of situations, sets and costumes, filmed with a 3D video camera. The “look” Elizabeth chose for me was one of “imperious amusement.” She put me in an Alexander McQueen tailcoat over a ruched white blouse with plenty of cleavage and agreed that the antique crown I’d brought — burgundy velvet and brass filigree set with gems — worked. I’d worn a pair of nude panties, very understated, and she said it would be fine to keep them on. Though I was prepared to be totally naked, I’d expressed an aversion to being bottomless. But somehow the combination of fainting couch, crown and McQueen made sense. Off they came.

The shoot itself consisted of merely staring into the twin lenses of a 3D camera. It was like gazing into the eyes of WALL-E. Elizabeth and my pervy friend Corinne sat while I stared. Part of the vision was an “object voyeurism frozen in time” or, more enticingly, “torture porn.” Each subject was to hold their pose and the camera’s gaze. The shoot would end when the subject broke character. My accompanying soundtrack was Marlene Dietrich and I almost lost it when she began a German version of “Surrey with the Fringe On Top.” But I made it through that one and four more, in addition to the song that was playing when the camera “rolled.” And I won! No, not a prize or anything. I just managed to last longer than anyone else had. Oddly, this was my goal going into it. I wanted to feel…victorious. Victorious and a hundred bucks richer!

Jettison June…Jettisoned!

Sorry, folks. I just don’t have the bandwidth to sort AND photograph AND post! I’ll be holding an all day open house type event to get rid of as much stuff as possible. Probably on Sunday, June 17. Stay tuned. I may be posting previews to the Party Costume Exchange so you can also check there.

Jettison June, Day 2

Today is about FRILLS!

Item: White “Bo Peep” Pants
Label: Sam’s XL
Details: White lace squaredancing pantaloons/bloomers.
Price: $35
Original Cost: $40
History: I bought these in one my “Frillification of NYC” orders from Sam’s.
Worn: Once, to Kostume Kult’s Horned Ball 2012.

Item: Red, White & Blue Crinoline
Label: Sam’s L
Details: Custom ordered red, white and blue crinoline. Perfect for 4th of July!
Price: $45
Original Cost: $50
History: Another item ordered from Sam’s. I had a vision for a costume for Burning Man’s American Dream theme and never wore it.
Worn: Never worn! Brand new!

I have many other frillies and can probably be talked out of most of them. That would take you coming to my place and checking things out in person, though! Ugh. It is an overwhelming task. My original plan was to have all these post ready to auto-post. I’m already playing catch up and it’s only the 2nd of June! I really need to get into that storage space…..

Welcome to Jettison June!

Hello and Happy June! I’m gonna try something a little different this month. In an attempt to divest myself of much stuff, I’m going to sell, swap or give away a whole bunch of my belongings. And this is where I’m gonna do it. (Well, it’ll all be on Twitter, Facebook and probably a few other places like Freecycle, Listia and eBay, too.) I may have other things to say, of course, so there may be more than one post per day. But most definitely there will be a post every day featuring something awesome for sale!

If you have questions about any item, feel free to email me! For some reason WordPress is giving me crazy problems with the pix. I’d be happy to email you photos of anything you’re interested in. I can ship stuff to ya or if you’re local you can come by and try stuff on. Let’s get started!


Item: Black Velvet Corset
Label: Vollers EUR 36 UK 26 CMS 66
Details: Black cotton velvet, full busk and boning. Long line with shoulder straps.
Price: $50
Original Cost: $120
History: This piece was purchased to be part of my Queen of Halloween Costume; I appliquéd an orange satin Jack o’Lantern face onto it. For the Edward Gorey Ball I sewed on white sequin snowflakes.
Worn: Probably less than a dozen times.

Item: Copper Leather with Black Leather Trim Corset
Label: Dark Garden Custom, about a 26″
Details: Gorgeous copper leather, very Steampunk! Long line, black leather trim and lacing at shoulder straps.
Price: $25
Original Cost: $100
History: This piece was purchased used at a Dark Garden sale. It was previously owned by Autumn, the woman who runs Dark Garden, and was custom fit to her. It never really fit me quite as well as it fit her, since she has a different shape. But it’s pretty awesome!
Worn: Probably less than a dozen times.

Item: White Leather with Black Satin Trim Corset
Label: Catherine Coatney size L
Details: Very soft white leather, metal hardware hasps, lined with black satin. Small eyelet with silk cord lacing up the back. NO boning!
Price: $20
Original Cost: $50
History: This piece was purchased at a San Francisco sample sale in the actual Coatney studios.
Worn: Probably less than a dozen times.

Item: Asian Corset with Rose Petal Pink Braid Trim
Label: Custom, about a 26″
Details: The zipper on this corset is fuckered. However you can lace yourself in without using the zipper. Which would be sort of a pain in the ass. But it’s too nice to throw away! Maybe you can fix the zipper? Somewhat short-line.
Price: $15
Original Cost: $80
History: This piece was custom made for me. There is a matching black satin bolero jacket if you’re interested!
Worn: About six times.

Item: Black Patent Leather with Lenticular Flames Corset
Label: Naughty Lola Size L
Details: The flames look like they’re on fire when you move! Silver grommets and lacing up the back, plastic zipper up the front. There is no boning but the patent leather is pretty heavy. No lining.
Price: $15
Original Cost: $75
History: I bought this for some party with a Hell theme, I think, long before I went to Burning Man, surprisingly. The pointy edges at the top kept poking me so I had it slightly altered to be less poky.
Worn: About eight times.



I can’t believe I’ll be leaving for the desert in just over a month! There doesn’t seem to be a spare moment between now and then! I was planning on using this blog to jettison much of my costumery and clutter but I don’t think I’ll have time to photograph and post it all! I will try and use Party Costume Exchange on Facebook, so keep an eye out for fun stuff there!

I have one week till I leave for Vegas, where I’ll be wrangling balloons again for Balloon Chain at Electric Daisy Carnival. Between now and then I’ll be working at the bar, taking a two-day seminar — “Going All the Way: Sex and Money Intensive” — with Amy Jo Goddard, attending the “Meet & Beat” for The New York Fetish Marathon Thursday night and emceeing for the HOWL! Festival finale, The Jackie Factory presents’ “Low Life 6: East Village Others” on Sunday. Whew! Guess it’s a good thing I’ve given up dating!

Somewhere in there I’d like to have a clothing swap, do Pink Drinks at Sidewalk and, well, you know, pack! There’s 4th of July in there (come visit me at Double Down!) and a trip out to the Hamptons to hang with my family. Oh! And The Mermaid Parade! I have a feeling I won’t be blogging much. But maybe this year I’ll do a bit more of it from out in the desert. Though it’s very difficult to focus on a computer screen after eight hours in the sun…

The ideal situation would be if I could just think the things I want to write here and have it all magically transmitted into type. Sigh. I’m sure we’ll have that technology any moment now. Which will be awesome because that would make it super easy to write my memoir! Anyway, keep an eye on my Facebook page for more up-to-date info, since it’s so easy to just zap a photo there. (Shakes fist at Mark Zuckerberg.) Anyway, stay tuned!