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Full Moon Bangle Perk

Ladies and gentlemen! My DPW friend Julie Marie is a talented jewelry designer. She has graciously donated her latest creation, this Full Moon Bangle with a Tiny Star Set Diamond. You know you want this! Sterling Silver AND a Diamond! WOOT!


Tamsin Hull’s Baby Hand Vessel

Check this out! So cute and creepy!

This perk has been claimed! Follow Tamsin Hull Ceramics on Facebook to see more of her work!


For more of Tamsin’s work, check out her Facebook Store.
Also, IndieGoGo doesn’t allow me to add any more perks sooooooo, I had to “hide” the shot glass perk and sorta delete the Jewels of Wizdom necklaces. You can still pick up these perks, just donate $150 and choose one of the three available necklaces pictured here or donate $10 for the Shot Glass and let me know via email!


Today is the final day of my Yes-Vember! It’s been an enlightening and somewhat dull month. Apparently being positive doesn’t inspire much commentary. Well, that’s cool. I’ve enjoyed making a fuss over my friends and keeping myself from complaining. Online, at least. Hah! I’ll warn ya, there’s plenty of pent-up crap about OKCupid comin’ up soon!

Everyone I know is talented in one way or another; many are talented in a number of ways. Carpenters who are DJs, seamstresses who are skilled barmaids, singers who make films. My life is full of creative people. And because it isn’t easy to make a living as an artist, they need to use that creativity to do all kinds of things. We all cobble our lives together. Here are three friends who manage to juggle at least three different types of artistic projects simultaneously.

il_570xN.867268446_gyjk.jpgI mentioned Ezra in the DJ post; he’s also an amazing artist. He paints and makes patches, silkscreens t-shirts and creates scary zombie illustrations. I love his tiny postage stamp-sized stickers. You can buy his wares from his Etsy shop. Oh! And he is a trash MASTER!

DWB_Main_NoSig.jpgDavid Watts Barton is a “journalist (in print, on line and on radio), a writer/performer and singer/songwriter, an intrepid traveler and an amateur photographer who captures his adventures for his followers. He is living every minute of his life to the absolute fullest!

larry_krone_concert_e.jpgI met Larry Krone in Downtown Beirut, back in the day. He was an NYU student and an emerging artist. I reviewed his first big gallery show. I loved his sand-blasted shot glasses and song lyrics embroidered with his hair. He branched out into performance, singing country songs with his sister. He has designed stage sets and costumes. And now he is poised to release his “Look Book,” an art book of his “alt-couturier” fashions, featuring photography by Todd Oldham. In all his work, Larry has always effectively communicated his sense of humor.

Playing with Fire

It’s probably not too surprising that I know a lot of fire performers. It might be more of a surprise that I met many of them before I went to Burning Man. I know it’s stating the obvious but entertaining with fire — fire fans or fingers, swallowing it or spinning it — is a dangerous

Keith-and-Stephanie-with-curtain-flat-300x198.jpgThe first people I knew who played with fire with Keith and Stephanie of The Bindlestiff Family Circus. Keith was just learning and he was a little bit…singed. Now, decades later, they perform and teach and have pretty much mastered being a circus.

11409_10152366452702676_4147967447071203412_n.pngWhen I produced the event I consider my Pieta, I booked Flambeaux and his human candelabra installation. He has been creating artistic performances incorporating fire for quite some time and recently informed me that I was the first person to book him! I kinda couldn’t believe it. His productions have continued to grow and in both size and complexity, as the photo clearly illustrates. He is definitely the P.T. Barnum of fire.

I’ve booked Claire de Luxe as well. Her areas of expertise are “fire theatrics, stilt dancing and LED acts” but she’s also an instructor, so if you’re looking to learn fire spinning, she’s the best place to start!

Ilise, aka The Lady Aye, is the “Sweetheart of the Sideshow.” Along with fire eating, she is a human blockhead, an escapist and a super sexy sword swallower!

Once I got out to the desert, you couldn’t walk 10 yards without tripping over a fire performer. It was the more personal, “just for us” shows by my fellow DPW crew members that impressed me. Niko is definitely one of the most talented spinners I’ve ever seen.

I could probably go on but I’m gonna wrap up. It’s been a long holiday weekend with a lot of drinking!


Capturing the Crowd

Yes, as everyone with a laptop is a writer, everyone with an iPhone is a photographer. Being a fine art photographer is obviously different. And being an event photographer is a talent and skill that’s different in another way: Blending in as a member of the crowd, shooting what’s happening without getting in the way, both participating and working, isn’t an easy balance. Here are two gentlemen who manage it perfectly.

11218912_10152962863911364_1785275607246608097_n.jpgNeil Girling is one of the official photographers for Burning Man. Along with John Curley, he shoots the DPW Parade and captures us at our most epic. He’s responsible for the all-com shot before the parade starts, as well, which is closest to a class photo that we have. The above pic is a close-up of this year’s. He’s on-site at all of San Francisco’s coolest stuff: Cirque Berzerk, Kinky Salon and the Anon Salon soirees.
Ed Barnas is sort of the official photographer for the many local burlesque events. His web site is primarily beautiful women who artfully disrobe. But he also comes along on our Brides of March, the Mermaid Parade and SantaCon and every other crazy costumed crawl. He captures us in our epic finery as we take to the streets of New York City.

Happy Capitalism Gone Wild Day!

Black Friday. When Americans are not just encouraged but expected to go out and shop till they drop. Or till they trample their fellow Americans in pursuit of a cheaper flat screen TV.

“Black Friday. Because only in America, people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.”

“Black Friday combines every great American pastime into one: camping, shopping, standing in line, rioting and fist fighting.”

“Stop buying shit you don’t need.”

The new says 45 million people will shop on Black Friday. I love to shop, too, but not in regular retail stores. Where’s the challenge in seeing everything all brand new and perfect? I prefer thrift stores, consignment shops and flea markets, where finding something I love — or fit into — isn’t a given but a happy coincidence. Or a fuckin’ miracle, depending on the place.

So today, I decided to spotlight two friends who create the feeling of home and hearth — where there is no home or hearth — through the food they serve. I’m admitted non-cook. Almost an anti-cook. If I can’t heat it up in the microwave in three minutes or pour it out of a bag and toss some salad dressing on it, I ain’t makin’ it. But these women not only cook for themselves, their friends and family; they cook for complete strangers! Now that, in my book, is a real talent! Love expressed through food is a whole different ballgame.

Image.jpgRoseann Rostoker and I have been friends since she was a regular at Click + Drag. When Mother closed and I started promoting at True, “Madame Cole” was my partner in Gomorrah. We had four different teams who each took one Wednesday a month; Madame and I were a team. I’ve experienced some of the wildest nights of my life with this woman. And you know that is saying a whole lot! Seriously. Stuff I can’t even write about. I’ll let your imagination wander with that one! Anyway, as Roseann she would invite me to her home and one Thanksgiving I stuffed myself with so much amazing Italian food she’d prepared I thought I’d never eat again. Now “Roe” lives in New Orleans, where she runs a restaurant called Red Gravy. (Please read her little bio in the About section. If it doesn’t make you want to fly down there and dine with her, you’re a heartless fool!) Five years ago, she moved to a new city, started a new business and has become an active, valuable member of a whole new community. I’m not surprised. If you find yourself in the Big Easy, stop by and say hi!


Sylkia and her crew, 2012 – Photo by Vertumus

Sylvia Sanchez feeds the motley Playa Restoration crew, the 150-or-so dusty, wind-battered folks who stay on till the bitter end of Burning Man, picking up the event’s final tiny remains. As she said in an interview with Ignite, “Very simply, I love to cook for my friends and family, and yes, after three months of living and working together, these people are part of your chosen family. Feeding people well and then having them tell you that they eat better out there than they do at home is the highest compliment a chef can get. Of course, I couldn’t do this without the amazing crew I have. I tip my hat at them for everything they do to help me make this happen.” I can attest that she makes me feel like family! Every year I weep with gratitude when we start eating back in the Saloon and Sylvia makes sure we have real coffee. Reeeeealllll cooofffeeeeeeee. Sylkia has served up delicious food in Austin, TX and is currently plating amazing grilled cheese in San Francisco.

Happy Thanksgiving!

On this day of gratitude, I’d like to thank the Native Americans, who didn’t turn the white interlopers away or slaughter them on sight. Which, in retrospect, would probably have been a wise idea… America may not be perfect but it often seems better than the alternatives.

I was going to save this post for the end of my Yes-Vember! month but decided today would be better. I want to recognize the unparalleled people who love me! They all have their own, individual talents but the one I appreciate most is their patience with and love for me. I’m not always an easy person to be with. I complain a lot. (Which you readers are painfully aware of, I suppose…) Is it lame and lazy to merely list them? Do you need backstory? Screw it. I’ll say that these are the people I call when I’m depressed. When I can’t get out of bed. Or out of the house. They’re the friends who talk me back from the ledge. If I need to borrow money or a couch to crash on, these are the people I’d ask. They’re also the folks who show up to celebrate whatever it is I’m celebrating: birthdays to ridiculously costumed bar crawls, Pink Drinks to unappreciated holidays. (Er, maybe all the holidays. All of ’em. Cinco de Mayo. St. Patrick’s Day. Easter. I’m a sucker for a holiday.) They’re the inner circle of my inner circle. I couldn’t make it without them. And I am so grateful for them. In alphabetical order so no one feels more — or less — important!

Eeva aka Pinky

If you didn’t make the list, don’t feel bad. I know I’ve cried on the phone with a whole lot of people. These folks are lucky to receive the brunt of my meltdowns. Tomorrow I’ll be back with less sap! And maybe more backstory. <wink>