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Happy Thanksgiving!

On this day of gratitude, I’d like to thank the Native Americans, who didn’t turn the white interlopers away or slaughter them on sight. Which, in retrospect, would probably have been a wise idea… America may not be perfect but it often seems better than the alternatives.

I was going to save this post for the end of my Yes-Vember! month but decided today would be better. I want to recognize the unparalleled people who love me! They all have their own, individual talents but the one I appreciate most is their patience with and love for me. I’m not always an easy person to be with. I complain a lot. (Which you readers are painfully aware of, I suppose…) Is it lame and lazy to merely list them? Do you need backstory? Screw it. I’ll say that these are the people I call when I’m depressed. When I can’t get out of bed. Or out of the house. They’re the friends who talk me back from the ledge. If I need to borrow money or a couch to crash on, these are the people I’d ask. They’re also the folks who show up to celebrate whatever it is I’m celebrating: birthdays to ridiculously costumed bar crawls, Pink Drinks to unappreciated holidays. (Er, maybe all the holidays. All of ’em. Cinco de Mayo. St. Patrick’s Day. Easter. I’m a sucker for a holiday.) They’re the inner circle of my inner circle. I couldn’t make it without them. And I am so grateful for them. In alphabetical order so no one feels more — or less — important!

Eeva aka Pinky

If you didn’t make the list, don’t feel bad. I know I’ve cried on the phone with a whole lot of people. These folks are lucky to receive the brunt of my meltdowns. Tomorrow I’ll be back with less sap! And maybe more backstory. <wink>


Happy Thanksgiving!

I woke up early today and trekked uptown with my friend DA to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was a sunny, spectacular day and once Santa rolled by, we strolled over to Rockefeller Center to see the tree. It was, unfortunately, under scaffolding but we wound up beneath it, ice skating! Soooo fun!

I walked back home along Fifth Avenue and treated myself to some pre-Black Friday retail therapy. On a holiday! Very decadent. Once home, I needed to figure out food. I didn’t manage to convince my friend Nick to come into the city so I picked up a Thanksgiving Special meal at Odessa and brought it home. Scribble enjoyed some of my turkey soup. I made fun of my mom when, years ago, she served us “Thanksgiving in a Box” and now, this year, I enjoyed “Thanksgiving in a to-go bag.” Hah!

Now I’m sitting under my Snuggie, Scribble snuggled beside me and Jeopardy on the TV, scrolling through Facebook and reading what everyone I know is thankful for. Some are poignant or serious, others are silly or sarcastic, but they’re all sincere in their own way. And they’ve served to inspire me. So here’s my list!

My (mostly) happy and (mostly) healthy family.
This AMAZING apartment! In this INCREDIBLE city! (And the exclamation point!)
The freedom to Occupy Wall Street…or my couch.
Just (barely) enough money to get by. And my sister, with her shitton of money, so I’ll never starve.
Seriously, my sister. She helped me keep this apartment. I get to be the crazy aunt to her four beautiful kids. She’s basically taking care of my parents. While I slack.
My bitchin’ summer job workin’ for The Man.
An exciting life that (thus far) has been jam-packed full of awesome experiences.
The brains and ability to learn from those experiences that weren’t quite so awesome.
My health.
Lastly, my enormous network of superlative, supportive friends!