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May 10

I’ve been in a pretty dark place the past few days. I am desperate to find some hope and it has definitely been in short supply. Many thanks to everyone who texted, messaged, called, commented or otherwise reached out. Receiving a couple care packages yesterday also helped. At least today there’s sunshine.
Oh. Happy Mother’s Day.
Join Sandy and Joe for their weekly Mighty Darling Virtual Lucky Happy Hour today from 5 till 7.
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Password: 088961

April 26

It’s a gloomy Sunday, with rain and thunderstorms in the forecast. That suits us just fine. We are watching Cuomo talk about the reopening plan and trying to be optimistic, but realistically, we won’t be able to get back to work for at least another two months, based on the tentative phases. We have been mulling over the many alternative business models we might use to make things work and have come up with some pretty radical ideas. Who knows what directions Lucky will take? We just want to get back behind that bar…
Yesterday was the best day since this whole load of bullshit went down. We ventured out and stood in the sunshine, seeing the faces of Lucky’s friends and regulars. Yes, they were partially obscured. But you could tell they were smiling. We were ALL smiling! It was a beautiful day on every level! It literally gave us life. (And yes, we social distanced…yes, we wore masks…yes, we were safe and smart!)
Tonight’s Virtual Lucky Happy Hour is your weekly Sunday Sandy & Joe Show! They’ve really been keeping up their schedule, giving their friends and regulars something to look forward to. Join them!
Here’s the log-in info for tonight’s Zoom:
Meeting ID: 821-4724-1211
Password: 476784
Enjoy your Sunday, friends! And if you’re missing the Lucky jukebox, look up the Luck On B playlist on Spotify! Cheers!

April 23


Thurblurgsday…and I’m slightly hungover. Last night’s Virtual Burning Man Happy Hour morphed into my New Moon Ritual around 10pm and lasted until 1:45am. That was almost a full eight hours of Zooming for moi. It included me cleansing my motherfucking aura. Everyone setting realistic intentions. And a warm, supportive atmosphere. I SWEAR! We also decided that pickle juice is our holy water. So be ready for the Church of StAbby! All are welcome! Heh. I’m sure if I were to ever actually form such a disorganized religion, the government would immediately start taxing them all, so that alone might be proper motivation!

It also got more intense than I’d anticipated, with tears over the menacing way mask wearing makes everyone appear as a prospective enemy and then news of a friend’s suicide. Both clear indications that there are other damaging results from our circumstances than all the “flattening the curve” statistics alone reveal.

Today I’m attending a west coast zoom birthday BBQ. I wish I had something — anything — to faux-BQ but I’m grateful to have a bucket of cole slaw, so I can enjoy a proper BBQ side dish! That party is at 4pm NYC time, so I’m planning to open up the virtual bar at 6pm. Join me! I really missed everyone on Monday and Tuesday, which I took “off” to binge watch more Ozark. Pinky will be your host today so there will be a convivial crowd and I’ll likely be doing my “lame living room workout” in the background while the rest of you drink. Cheers, friends!


April 21

Blerggedy blerg! It’s Tuesday! But we’ve got a thunderstorm to look forward to, so there’s that… I haven’t been a total lump while home. Look at the silly Bingo game I created! Of course, this morning I saw someone else post something similar. Sigh. Guess I should’ve gotten on that creativity thing on day 2, eh? Whatevs. Mine’s cuter cause I used fun fonts! Feel free to play along…with yourself!

Last night I binge watched Ozark instead of hosting a happy hour. It was kinda lonely but it also wasn’t a drain on my energy. I think I’ll take another night off. Though I may pop into the 6pm Burning Man Zoom thing where we’re supposed to talk about how the BMOrg can survive and thrive through the pandemic. I’m not quite as concerned about BRC as I am about NYC, especially since the burner community is such a strong one. But you know how much I love being able to put in my dos centavos! So we’ll see. Maybe when that meeting “adjourns” I’ll be in need of a decompression! Check back here around 9pm to see if I changed my mind and decided to do a last-minute, later-night virtual bar.

I hope you’re holding it together out there, friends. It hasn’t been easy for any of us. And I cannot WAIT till this shit is OVER!


If the companies renting equipment don’t give a moratorium on that rent, there will be no bars or restaurants left to rent to. If landlords don’t offer a moratorium on rent, their spaces will sit empty, along with so many others. If the government doesn’t offer assistance, millions of people will not just BE out of work but REMAIN out of work. Small businesses are a huge chunk of the economy, especially in circumstances where Amazon can’t fulfill the order. How do you recreate community from a fucking cardboard box, stamped with an inane “smile”?

April 19

Woooooo boy! That was a wild one! No, not my pre-game, which was pretty much just Suzanne and Pinky chatting away, with Jill joining on the later side. I’m talking about the Zoom wedding I went to! So many of my favorite people who I won’t be seeing in the dust this year. Waaaah!

I think I passed out on the couch. That was AFTER I was demonstrating that my plastic wine glass wasn’t right for making the “make a toast” noise….and it shattered anyway, splashing my vodka and vodka and Orange Crush cocktail ALL OVER my jigsaw puzzle, my floor and my fucking LAPTOP!

It appears to have survived (that’s for the drying out tip, Jill!) but the space bar is a bit sticky. Talk about a buzz kill. Anyway, I’m back to drink another day. Naaaah, not really, I’m back on the wagon, at least till Wednesday.

But tonight is the Mighty Darling Show! Sandy and Joe will be hosting the Lucky Virtual Happy Hour from 5 till 7. Stop by and say hi! And drop a tip into their virtual tip jar, if you’re able! Info will be posted at 4:45!
Meeting ID: 460 212 4776
Password: 611779

Have a lovely Sunday, friends!

April 18

Whoppeeee! It’s the weekend! Whatthefuckever. It could be Monday for all that it matters. Time has transcended being a construct into the realm of cruelty.

Last night I stayed up way too late watching Ozark (very stressful, high body count, deliciously distracting) and slept WAY too late! In fact, I haven’t slept this late in decades. But who cares? It’s not like I have anywhere to go…

I’m only drinking my morning mocha now, at 2:30pm. But here I am, back at it again. And I came up with a brilliant idea! The past few years, I’ve enjoyed pre-gaming before a party far more than the actual party itself. Easter Sunday I pre-gamed before the Virtual Easter Parade with RebeccaJillQuadJennifer-jo and Pinky and that was a blast! So, if you’re thinking of “attending” tonight’s Horned Ball or Green Door parties, perhaps you’d like to pre-game with me! Suzanne is going to be my co-host. We’re going to open the virtual bar at 7pm and make believe we’ll be heading out to a party but never actually going. Almost like reality! So check back here for that log-in info! And don’t forget Sandy and Joe will be hosting their weekly Sunday evening tomorrow at 5pm.

Meeting ID: 460-212-4776
Password: 611779
Till at least 9 or 10!

Enjoy your Saturday, my friends. I miss the hell out of you all! MWAH!

April 16

Scavenger hunts. 80s music bingo. Yoga classes. Harrumph. Why can’t we just DRINK, ferfuckssake?!? Well, we CAN. And we WILL. Tonight! With your hostess barmaid, Pinky! Check back here at 6:20 for the log-in info for our Virtual Lucky Happy Hour. There will be giggles and ridiculousness. And if you feel inspired to tip her, Pinky’s PayPal is and her Venmo is @eevadoherty.
See you all at 6:30! Woot!
Other than that, I got nothin’. Another fucking month of this shit. Shit. Sigh…
Meeting ID: 944 1193 6483
Password: 202598

April 12 – Easter!

Happy Easter! I almost fell down the (not Easter bunny) rabbit hole this morning, thinking about how much work it was gonna be to SHOWER! And get into a COSTUME! All to just be in a fucking ZOOM virtual Easter Parade. But I’m gonna rally. Because it’s a holiday. And I LOVE a holiday. Because it’s a party. And I LOVE a party! Because it’s a pandemic. And…wait. Nope. NOT loving the pandemic. NOT loving being alone, missing my friends, not working, not handing beers across the bar to people I love. NOT NOT NOT! But I am gonna put on my big girl lacy Bo Peep panties and DO THIS! I invite you to join me!

At 11:30, I’m opening up the virtual bar for some Easter Parade Pre-Gaming! I have OJ and I have Prosecco and I’m finally gonna indulge in some bubbly mimosa action! I’m gonna glue gems on my face and rotate through three of my past parade lewks. I’m gonna dance in front of my laptop because, well, because AS YOU DO! Then when the virtual parade is over, I’m gonna go outside and see some familiar faces. (YES, from SIX FEET AWAY AND WITH A MASK, YES!)
Login Info for 11:30 till 1:00:
Meeting ID: 915 0275 2406
Password: 892710
Link to Virtual Easter Parade:

Then I’m gonna come home and shovel delicious home made food that a friend so thoughtfully delivered yesterday into my face, while Sandy and Joe conduct your weekly Sunday Lucky Happy Hour, from 5 till 7. I’ll likely take over at 7 (or 8, or whenever Sandy and Joe get tired of hosting) so stop by for an Easter visit! The log-in info will be posted here. I may be eating while wearing my giant Peep! It is going to be a BLAST! I swear! 🤪

April 10

Huh. Seems like Governor Nipple Piercings didn’t have much new to say today. Blahblah flattening the curve, blahblah, field hospitals, blahblah, waiting for tests. I WANT OUT! I FUCKING WANT OUT!
Forgive my outburst. I’m losing it.
Last night’s Virtual Happy Hour last over six hours. It got a bit chaotic. I’m thinking I’d enjoy doing my socializing one on one. (Or maybe two?) Open up the virtual bar and enjoy one “customer” at a time? If you’d be interested in that, let me know and we can schedule a time slot. And if there’s someone you’d like to sit at the virtual bar with, let me know who, and I can try and drag them in! How about today between 2pm and 8:30pm, when I’ll be competing in the first Quarantine Scavenger Hunt. I’m pretty excited about that! It’s all new, now, I guess. And I’m gonna keep trying new things to keep myself whole. I’d love your help!
Message me?


April 8

Wow! Maybe it was that full moon, the PINK moon! Or maybe it was the hilarious gaggle of witches I wound up conducting my Full Moon Ritual with. But I am feeling refreshed and replenished! We had a blast! Who knew a vibrator could also be used to cleanse one’s aura? Hey! Smart witches know how to improvise! What excitement does today have in store?

Juuuusttt kidding! It’s gonna be one more day listening to the statistics, finding out who’s sick and who’s losing their marbles, and deciding what to heat up in the microwave. Today’s biggest dilemma: stay in my soft clothes? Or put on actual pants? Bra? Absolutely.

I’ll start my Happy Hour early today, at 4pm, so I can head over to the Burning Man Happy Hour at 6. The past few weeks have been pretty entertaining, with more than one “room,” so if someone is irritating you can cyber-stroll next door. (And you KNOW someone will be irritating because a). these are burners and b). just about everyone and everything is irritating now!) Join me for mine and you can be my plus-one for the next one, if you’d like. Check back here around 4:50 for the log-in info.
Meeting ID: 898 090 210
Password: 150865

And to my friends who are Members of the Tribe, Pesach Sameach. I sure wish we were all at Lucky, sharing shots of Manischewitz and nibbling on matzoh before heading to a delicious Passover Seder. Next year, friends, I promise. Love, health and sanity.


This is the closest I’ve ever come to “plating.” If I turn on my oven, kiss your loved ones goodbye. #covidcoping