Today is the final day of my Yes-Vember! It’s been an enlightening and somewhat dull month. Apparently being positive doesn’t inspire much commentary. Well, that’s cool. I’ve enjoyed making a fuss over my friends and keeping myself from complaining. Online, at least. Hah! I’ll warn ya, there’s plenty of pent-up crap about OKCupid comin’ up soon!

Everyone I know is talented in one way or another; many are talented in a number of ways. Carpenters who are DJs, seamstresses who are skilled barmaids, singers who make films. My life is full of creative people. And because it isn’t easy to make a living as an artist, they need to use that creativity to do all kinds of things. We all cobble our lives together. Here are three friends who manage to juggle at least three different types of artistic projects simultaneously.

il_570xN.867268446_gyjk.jpgI mentioned Ezra in the DJ post; he’s also an amazing artist. He paints and makes patches, silkscreens t-shirts and creates scary zombie illustrations. I love his tiny postage stamp-sized stickers. You can buy his wares from his Etsy shop. Oh! And he is a trash MASTER!

DWB_Main_NoSig.jpgDavid Watts Barton is a “journalist (in print, on line and on radio), a writer/performer and singer/songwriter, an intrepid traveler and an amateur photographer who captures his adventures for his followers. He is living every minute of his life to the absolute fullest!

larry_krone_concert_e.jpgI met Larry Krone in Downtown Beirut, back in the day. He was an NYU student and an emerging artist. I reviewed his first big gallery show. I loved his sand-blasted shot glasses and song lyrics embroidered with his hair. He branched out into performance, singing country songs with his sister. He has designed stage sets and costumes. And now he is poised to release his “Look Book,” an art book of his “alt-couturier” fashions, featuring photography by Todd Oldham. In all his work, Larry has always effectively communicated his sense of humor.

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