Huh. Looks like I haven’t updated this page in ages. Now, with an uptick in readership due to the E.V.Grieve article, perhaps I should do a quick refresh.

I am forever in the process of reinventing myself. You can read all about my very recent past here or, if you’re bored, Google me! I am currently renovating the old Boxcar Lounge space on Avenue B into my own bar: Lucky. It’s bizarre to me that the E.V.Grieve followers would be so interested in me but they are! So here I am, in all my gut-spilling glory. Feel free to troll away, anonymous readers!

Someday I need to re-create my web site, where you could once find my writings and photos, mostly archival. It got hijacked and I haven’t had the bandwidth to put up a new one. Busy living, I guess. And blogging! Guffaw.

I decided to start blogging <yawn!> back in October 2010 because it seems like you aren’t a writer unless you’re engaging in this form of extreme navel gazing on a daily basis! Besides, everyone I know says I have a really interesting life and that I should write about it. So, here I am!

I have two related blogs:
WTF Cupid
Dating In the 21st Century
My musings and writings about internet dating and other potential disasters in the world of singledom. The posts there are re-posts of stuff I post here, without all the other topics.
Corporeal Ink
Logo Tattoos: The Ultimate Advertising
If you or a friend are tattooed with a corporate logo, email me! I’m working on a book about corporate logo tattoos, the people who get them, the histories behind the logos and the designers who created them. I’d love to make this a book. Someday.

In the past, I have been a self-described “smutmeister” and in my capacity as a writer I have covered almost every conceivable sexual topic: obscure fetishes and carnal obsessions, nightclubs and erotic events, sex toys, adult DVDs, not to mention tales of my personal sexploits. I am currently working as an Event Planner, with an emphasis in singles’ socials, and am working on a few book projects. Three months out of the year I work with the Black Rock City Department of Public Works building Burning Man. For a few years I was traveling between New York City and San Francisco a lot. Now I’m back in Manhattan!


My most recent freelance work can be found at CarnalNation, where I was writing, editing and creating graphics. I wrote quite a bit for ErosZine, which “published”  its last issue on February 19, 2008. But over the years, my inimitable writing style has been published in print as well: Penthouse Forum, Penthouse Variations, Screw, Hustler, SexyNYC, Live Girls, Leg Sex, Panty Play, Big Butt, Leg World, Playboy’s rouze.com, The Museum of Sex’s theposition.com, Dirty and New Rave. I have reviewed porn videos for Adam Film World and Fox magazine. My short stories have appeared in the literary periodical Verbal Abuse and Coming Up: The World’s Best Erotic Writing. And I’ve contributed non-adult content to The New York Press, Soho Journal, The Resident and Paper’s online zine.


In addition to my writing experience, I’ve served as a staff of one for Extreme Fetish magazine, acting as editor, art director, ad exec, columnist and production manager. Prior to that I dreamt up and distributed Porn Free, my theme-based fanzine that was, yes, free. And I was, once upon a time, the editor known as Big Red of Outlaw Biker magazine. I got my start in erotica as an Associate Editor for Penthouse Forum, working for legendary domina and editor V.K. McCarty.


I also continue to dabble as one of Manhattan’s preeminent party impresarios. Over the years I have produced a number of exciting soirees, most recently Mondo Porno, a bi-annual rock ‘n’ roll meets smut extravaganza in New York, San Francisco, Boston and Las Vegas. I have curated BDSM play parties and on-site sex events, served as “Kink Control” of the weekly cyber-fetish soiree Click + Drag, was the grand dame of Gomorrah, a weekly fetish theme party that enjoyed a three-year run, and produced Kitsch Inn, a weekly evening of rock ‘n’ roll debauchery. I have graced the stage as MC and/or Hostess for assorted Manhattan events, including BadAss Burlesque, The Black & Blue Ball, The Goddess Ball and The Miss Fetish New York Pageant. In my more cultural capacity, I curated a lecture series at Manhattan’s Museum of Sex, booked talent for Rupert Murdoch’s Christmas Party, Princeton University’s Class of 1985 20 Year Reunion.


I have been interviewed for sex-related television segments around the world, appearing on MetroTV’s Naked New York with Bob Berkowitz, HBO’s Real Sex, Zine TV, The Malignant Muse and NY Now, as well as Real Personal, Change of Heart and Court TV’s Snap Judgment. I’ve been a guest on The Radio Chick Show, Ron & Fez Show, The Alan Colmes Show, The Opie and Anthony Show, Taboo Talk and Bob Berkowitz’s online radio show Sex Bytes. I appeared in episodes of Canada’s SexTV, German TV’s Liebe Sunde and the British series Paradise Island. Evidently there are even more outlets broadcasting my words, since people often tell me they heard me interviewed online on Nerve.com and other similar sites. I’m sure you can probably find me on YouTube, like almost every other American. I’ve been an extra in a few friends’ porn videos and you can see her in the Behind the Scenes footage of Jamye Waxman‘s Personal Touch sex education DVD series from Adam & Eve. Oh, and I show up dressed as Santa’s Helper in Bravo’s 100 Best Things About the Holidays.

4 responses to “ABOUT ME

  1. You are amazing, and your photos are breath-taking!

  2. Hi Abby,
    It’s Amy your roommate with Jim from SDSU.
    Coming to NYC 6/3 as my daughter is graduating high school and has always wanted to go to NY.
    Any suggestions for places to stay or see!
    Take care,

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