Photo Gallery

Just a few pix. If you want to see recent shots (as in up to the minute), visit me on Facebook or Instagram.

These photos were taken by Alex Colby.


Triptych Photos by Adrian Buckmaster

5 responses to “Photo Gallery

  1. your new pictures are beautiful…


  2. Abby, since the moment I met you and took randoms of u myself ur smile brings meaning to the phrase ” A picture is worth a thousand words” love the water shot and the others.

  3. So incredibly beautiful, artistically as well as like, “daaaayyyyyum;” because, like-
    ..I Like!

    .. I could so easily enjoy rummaging through that sexy brain of yours like an ancient Egyptian embalmer.
    If you lived closer I would sweep you off your feet with the Bull Durham “I Believe” monologue.


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