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Today Was a Perfect Day

I woke up without a hangover, since after work last night, instead of getting drunk I went out for dinner with a couple of friends. I went to bed early, in hopes of staving off this almost-cold, which meant I woke up early! Hangoverless! Huzzah!

I had my coffee and cocoa, then went up to the roof for some sunshine. After sufficient rayage, I worked out for a while — the full workout, not a hurried one. I took a leisurely shower and get my Janis Joplin drag on for LOW LIFE 6: East Village Others, the finale of the HOWL Festival. I slurped on a spicy Bloody Mary at Niagra and peeked into one of the sparkliest dressing rooms I’ve ever seen.

The performances were properly trippy, accompanied by late arrivals, a power failure and a few passing showers. But it was also completely dazzling! Lame and leather, sequins and glitter, feathers and enough false eyelashes for the cast of Priscilla! I got to see a few familiar faces in the audience before dining al fresco with a friend, followed by a spiked milkshake at Sidewalk. I got the S’mores one: marshmallow vodka, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and a cup rimmed with graham cracker crumbs. YUM!

I came home to my adorable dog and decided I’d give my mom a call. Bad idea. My perfect day wound up spoiled upon hearing that my sister’s day was slightly less spectacular. Her husband was supposed to have the kids. He took them, and their dog, home. The dog was on medication, which no one remembered to give her. So she died. The husband calls to say something better has come up, can my sister take the kids. Needless to say, it was not exactly stellar. For any of them.

I am very, very fortunate. And grateful for my perfect day. But I’d like to add that with all the deaths of friends’ pets, wonderful animals who meant so very much to their humans, this really kinda ruined my perfect day. I think I’ll go to bed…



I can’t believe I’ll be leaving for the desert in just over a month! There doesn’t seem to be a spare moment between now and then! I was planning on using this blog to jettison much of my costumery and clutter but I don’t think I’ll have time to photograph and post it all! I will try and use Party Costume Exchange on Facebook, so keep an eye out for fun stuff there!

I have one week till I leave for Vegas, where I’ll be wrangling balloons again for Balloon Chain at Electric Daisy Carnival. Between now and then I’ll be working at the bar, taking a two-day seminar — “Going All the Way: Sex and Money Intensive” — with Amy Jo Goddard, attending the “Meet & Beat” for The New York Fetish Marathon Thursday night and emceeing for the HOWL! Festival finale, The Jackie Factory presents’ “Low Life 6: East Village Others” on Sunday. Whew! Guess it’s a good thing I’ve given up dating!

Somewhere in there I’d like to have a clothing swap, do Pink Drinks at Sidewalk and, well, you know, pack! There’s 4th of July in there (come visit me at Double Down!) and a trip out to the Hamptons to hang with my family. Oh! And The Mermaid Parade! I have a feeling I won’t be blogging much. But maybe this year I’ll do a bit more of it from out in the desert. Though it’s very difficult to focus on a computer screen after eight hours in the sun…

The ideal situation would be if I could just think the things I want to write here and have it all magically transmitted into type. Sigh. I’m sure we’ll have that technology any moment now. Which will be awesome because that would make it super easy to write my memoir! Anyway, keep an eye on my Facebook page for more up-to-date info, since it’s so easy to just zap a photo there. (Shakes fist at Mark Zuckerberg.) Anyway, stay tuned!