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Jettison June, Day 2

Today is about FRILLS!

Item: White “Bo Peep” Pants
Label: Sam’s XL
Details: White lace squaredancing pantaloons/bloomers.
Price: $35
Original Cost: $40
History: I bought these in one my “Frillification of NYC” orders from Sam’s.
Worn: Once, to Kostume Kult’s Horned Ball 2012.

Item: Red, White & Blue Crinoline
Label: Sam’s L
Details: Custom ordered red, white and blue crinoline. Perfect for 4th of July!
Price: $45
Original Cost: $50
History: Another item ordered from Sam’s. I had a vision for a costume for Burning Man’s American Dream theme and never wore it.
Worn: Never worn! Brand new!

I have many other frillies and can probably be talked out of most of them. That would take you coming to my place and checking things out in person, though! Ugh. It is an overwhelming task. My original plan was to have all these post ready to auto-post. I’m already playing catch up and it’s only the 2nd of June! I really need to get into that storage space…..