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Marvelous Musicians: Rob, Sara & Miss Roach

photo.jpgMy friend Rob is the braintrust behind Balloon Chain and a multi-talented musician. I’ve volunteered to help him with the Balloon Chain at Coachella, EDC and the Treasure Island Music Festival. He has played keyboard in a bunch of bands, many of which have performed at my events. Along with all his musical gigs, he often works with national acts such as Fischerspooner and Polyphonic Spree, bringing balloons, shooting off his confetti canon or blowing bubbles from his bubble machine, and has unofficially gifted the following acts with the surprise of dozens, sometimes hundreds, of balloons at their shows: The Psychedelic Furs, Hall and Oates, Fleetwood Mac, The Who, Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), Elton John, Billy Joel, Judas Priest, Van Halen, The B-52s, Lorde, La Roux, Kraftwerk and Devo. This guy seriously knows how to have fun!

12079688_10153758249451495_4114163344894931315_n.jpgSara Valentine is a producer and promoter who I’ve been working for — and with — for years. She wrangles the Hungry March Band, dancing and spinning a hula hoop with them in parades, produces the street-centric marching band convention HONK NYC! Festival and, most recently, she has joined the all-female Afro-Brazilian Samba Reggae Percussion Band, Batala. They were just on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, which is pretty fucking cool. In addition to all her crazy musical and nightlife antics, she’s my accountant!

MissRoach.pngRachael Devlin, aka Miss Roach, is more than a Gate superstar and DPW Saloon Manager. She’s a mixologist and a musician, unofficial den mother, a founder and clergy member of Jerk Church, and lead accordion player with Ghost Town Gospel. She manages to keep her cool while juggling all these jobs, besides booking tours and tolerating drunken jackassery. Plus she looks super glamorous in polka dots! Now, if I could only get her to come to NYC.



I can’t believe I’ll be leaving for the desert in just over a month! There doesn’t seem to be a spare moment between now and then! I was planning on using this blog to jettison much of my costumery and clutter but I don’t think I’ll have time to photograph and post it all! I will try and use Party Costume Exchange on Facebook, so keep an eye out for fun stuff there!

I have one week till I leave for Vegas, where I’ll be wrangling balloons again for Balloon Chain at Electric Daisy Carnival. Between now and then I’ll be working at the bar, taking a two-day seminar — “Going All the Way: Sex and Money Intensive” — with Amy Jo Goddard, attending the “Meet & Beat” for The New York Fetish Marathon Thursday night and emceeing for the HOWL! Festival finale, The Jackie Factory presents’ “Low Life 6: East Village Others” on Sunday. Whew! Guess it’s a good thing I’ve given up dating!

Somewhere in there I’d like to have a clothing swap, do Pink Drinks at Sidewalk and, well, you know, pack! There’s 4th of July in there (come visit me at Double Down!) and a trip out to the Hamptons to hang with my family. Oh! And The Mermaid Parade! I have a feeling I won’t be blogging much. But maybe this year I’ll do a bit more of it from out in the desert. Though it’s very difficult to focus on a computer screen after eight hours in the sun…

The ideal situation would be if I could just think the things I want to write here and have it all magically transmitted into type. Sigh. I’m sure we’ll have that technology any moment now. Which will be awesome because that would make it super easy to write my memoir! Anyway, keep an eye on my Facebook page for more up-to-date info, since it’s so easy to just zap a photo there. (Shakes fist at Mark Zuckerberg.) Anyway, stay tuned!

Home Again…Again

I love my bed.

It was nice to be back in it after a week out of town, sleeping in an RV with the door slamming at all hours. Coachella was a blast! I got to see Duran Duran, The Strokes and Gogol Bordello, among others; discovered a bunch of new bands, including Mariachi el Bronx; got to hang with my friends Jamye, Ocean, Rob and Ben and meet a bunch of new folks; enjoyed the sun and palm trees and walking barefoot; plus be an integral part of Balloon Chain!

But while I was away my visitors here declined so I’m gonna have to work even harder to keep you all entertained and bring everyone back! I’ve been keeping up with my Ashley Madison admirers and will be posting more of that hilarity soon. I have other things in the works as well. Stay tuned! I’ll be home for an extended period of time now so I won’t be leaving you hanging!

In the meantime, please, PLEASE enter my “Worst Date Ever” contest!