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Drag Royalty: A King and Two Queens

Oh hi. Hi. I’m not doing the best job of posting every day. And man, oh man, would I like to go all negative about the online dating thing. I KNOW! I’m like a broken record. But the emails I’ve received over the past few days have been seriously horrible. I’ll shake ’em off! And post all about it on December 1.

A few more random thoughts:
Picking people to spotlight is a little boggling! Should I group them by how we met? Their particular talent? (Super tough since most everyone has more than one!) Geographical location?
Not only is Reality Camp expensive, it sure does generate a lot of garbage! I wish I had the trash crew standing nearby directing me.
I can waste an entire day noodling blog posts, sending emails, checking Facebook and playing games on my phone and computer.

Last night my friend Karen got us free tickets to the opera. We saw Rigoletto, set in ’60s Las Vegas. The sets were amazing! But whoa, three acts? And even with a little gizmo translating, it was a little…thick. We felt very glamorous in our velvet and gloves! I even treated myself to a fancy cocktail at PJ Clarke’s before the performance. It’s one of the many great things about living here: easy access to the best cultural experiences in the world.

Okay, now to get down to it. Let’s go with performers, eh? Specifically of the drag variety. Or drag-ish.

Unknown.jpegI’ll start with Fudgie Frottage, the San Francisco-based impresario who presides over the annual SF Drag King Contest. Fudgie and I go way back and we’ve co-produced some fun stuff over the years. He loves to come this way for Halloween and I’m out that way all the time. He once got me a gig at the now-defunct Trannyshack, a scandalous soiree at the Mission’s Stud bar. More recently, I’ve booked him at Halloween’s Ghostlight.

1459727_10152617811880698_7233196666622623035_n.jpgLinda Simpson, “New York Celebrity Drag Queen,” is an always-hilarious hostess famous for her naughty nightclub bingo games. She got her start at the East Village’s legendary Pyramid Club, publishes the campy My Comrade ‘zine and has written plays, performances and columns for any local New York publications. We wound up working together on a float in the latest Gay Pride Parade — always a pleasure!

white-jacket-lo.jpgSherry Vine is a comedian and chanteuse, performer and provocateur, whose career has taken her from Off-Broadway to Berlin, Vegas to Vienna. Ms. Vine’s satiric take on one of Lady Gaga’s hits, “I Shit My Pants,” is one of the most hilarious things on the internet. I enjoy ogling her ab-tastic dancing boys, as they gyrate around Sherry wearing nothing but lamé briefs and body glitter. Sherry has been on the bill at Night of a Thousand Stevies a number of times, where she’s a total blast backstage!