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Living All Four Stages + RevJen


Ack! My blog was included in the “Burning Man in the World” email blast! Figures it would be on a day when I hadn’t written a complete post. At least they’re all being sent straight to the “Burning Books” piece. Whew! Guess I’d better get to it! See below the placeholder blather for today’s update.

Lame, I know…I never made it yesterday. And this is just a placeholder for today. I had a friend in from out of town and two different meetings yesterday. The friend saved me from slipping down the rabbit hole of oh-dear. (Yes, that’s me staying positive!) I’m grateful for her. Thanks, Shell Star!

In the meantime, you should read this: The Four Stages of Life, a blog post by Mark Manson. It really spoke to me… I feel like my life is all four stages simultaneously! Now, I need to hit the gym and sweat out some of this frustration!

Saint Reverend Jen Miller is an artist and actress, a performer, painter and poet. She’s an “elf girl” and a Lower East Side fixture. She posted this today on Facebook:
Modern Love Poem
I am addicted to Facebook.
I have like 5,000 friends on there.
Almost. Even so, I am lonely.
So lonely.
I don’t know who most of them are.
Some of them are Russian women in bikinis.
I don’t think I’ve met them.
Some of them are people (men, I’m guessing)
Who send me penis pics
Even though I have not requested a glimpse
I have several thousand friends on Facebook
Because I will friend anyone
As long as they don’t post about God or baking too much
Or brunch
I don’t care what the fuck you had for brunch
I can’t afford brunch
I can afford like one item off the dollar menu
What I can also afford is to open my heart
It’s a wallet full of hope
And love
I ain’t got shit
I’m in eviction court
Live in squalor
I don’t even wear underwear
Most of the time
Cuz I can’t afford to do laundry
I can’t figure out how to use this stupid ass phone
Or take pictures
Or selfies
Aren’t other people supposed to take pictures of you?
I’ll keep relying on it but I mostly despise technology
And all I want is to hear your voice
Make you laugh again
Feel your laughter
The way you feel a cat purr
Or a lazy dog snore
Or the wind vibrate against the windows
On a fall day like today
I wanna feel your warmth
Rest my lips on yours
Like my exhausted head
Resting on a pillow, dreaming
More than anything I want to hear your voice
So pick up the phone and fucking call me.

electra1I was just thinking about the whole phone call thing today so this really resonated with me. (Please forgive the new age-speak.) It seems that people rarely call each other anymore. They text “Do you have time to talk?” or “Okay to call?” before they even dare to call a friend’s cell. Soooo much is lost when communication is limited to texts and emails. It’s difficult to detect warmth or a smile in someone’s voice. Humor or sarcasm. Our lives are diminished by this lack of human contact, even if it’s just hearing someone’s voice. I’ve been attempting to connect with people in the physical plane — as in, in person — lately. I feel physically hungry for live conversation. Looks like I’m not the only one!

Anyway, back to RevJen.

51d6FgaLg-L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_In addition to her many artistic talents, she runs The Troll Museum. She produces the legendary Anti-Slam. Her book, “Elf Girl,” was just published. She is the creatrix of the scandalous Mr. Lower East Side Pageant. Even the questionnaire for “dudes” on her web site is a fucking masterpiece. You should throw some of your cash her way because she’s funnier when she can afford to buy more beer!