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I’m Back!

It’s been about 48 hours since I landed and I am SOOOO happy to be home! Though it’s a grey day, it’s still New York City, with bustling sidewalks, a staggering array of humanity, friends dropping by and shit happening and…YAY! I’m already too busy to blog just yet but that should change after Halloween blows over. I’m co-producing Ghostlight with Chi Chi Valenti and it should be a gorgeous evening. I’m planning on attending SMack! on Saturday night and will do my best to get out and party Friday and Sunday nights as well. Like I said, it’s already a whirlwind!

In addition to the other general blogging topics, I should add “I (finally) Got Laid!” That alone will be worth the wait! Did I also mention that I’m back on the dating sites? More hilarity will ensue, I’m sure. Hmm, what else?

Did I point you all in the direction of “How I Spent My Summer Vacation?”
DPW Sign Shop
Playa Restoration
Both are blogs on the Burning Man site that give a pretty great picture of what goes on out there!

Anyway, I am looking forward to being cyber-productive again and hearing from all of you in my personal peanut gallery! Til November…

The Unexpected Surprises of Night Market

Where were you last night? And how great was that party? If you moved to New York to experience something truly different then you should’ve been with me and a hundred or so other nightlife adventurers on a random industrial block in Red Hook. I was at The Lost Horizon Night Market and those in the know were sworn to secrecy. But only about the location!

Participants lined up to get pied, sing karaoke or make hats is. Unexpected experiences is the point! Night Market happens because a devoted cadre of creative people rent box trucks and transform them into their personal vision. Each is as individual as its designer.

I visited War & Treats in hopes of sampling more of their bacon and jabenero pepper brownies. When it came to my turn, my challenge (a spin of the Wheel of War) was a tickle fight. I lost. No treat for me! Luckily I had friends with…brownies! The line for the Noodle Truck was a long one even as the artisans were still setting up. Having enjoyed their delicious noodles last spring, I decided to forfeit my bowl in order to let more newcomers sample the soup. The Noodle Truck is a tiny, fully-functional restaurant, with a menu of broths, noodles and garnishes as well as hot tea.

The pie truck offered you, yes, a pie in the face. Surprisingly, people were lining up for this creamy treat! Er, trick? There was a silent disco, a photo booth-type operation and a comedy club that was always so crammed I never heard the hilarity. I joined a group ad libbing in the karaoke truck but spent most of my time on the sidewalk, socializing with friends, meeting new coconspirators and interacting with artists whose projects expanded beyond the confines of a truck. I even spotted Trevor Sumner, NearSay’s Head of Products and Marketing!

In the past there have been smash trucks, Jesus Christ Hookah Bar, a jazz club and a sadly tepid hot tub, among many others. The limitations are only the four walls of the box truck and your imagination!

A few of underground nightlife’s most prominent producers are the secret team behind The Lost Horizon Night Market. News of the events is primarily through word of mouth and the location is disclosed only hours before the Market begins. If you’re interested in participating or attending the next Night Market, keep your eyes and ears open, and start asking around!

Couchsurfing Social

So my friend Brooke Allen, the “pizza interview dude,” as I keep referring to him, recommended that I join Couchsurfing. I may seem mobile, but I don’t really travel all that much. And when I do, I usually have somewhere to stay. So I don’t necessarily need to couchsurf. And when I’m “home,” as in my “own” apartment, there isn’t much space. I’m happy to share what little space I have with friends but I don’t quite know how I feel about opening up my home to strangers. That said, I’m not totally opposed to the idea, either. But Brooke thinks it’s a great site, a great way to meet interesting new people and a great way to network — all wonderful things. So I signed up.

It is, yes, one more social networking site in that it requires upkeep: put up a photo, fill out a profile, link to people you know and…keep doing that shit over and over, just like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Etsy and…oh! This BLOG! Sigh. Where’s the log cabin that’s off the motherfucking grid? Anyway!

So I signed up for the site and then joined a few of their groups: New York City, Writers, Burning Man, etc. They each send out group posts and I chose to receive the weekly digest. I used to be on the weekly digest for the NYC Burning Man email list and wound up switching the individual emails. It means dozens of emails a day, sometimes, but it’s better than missing out on stuff!

It came to my attention pretty quickly that the New York City Couchsurfers meet up once a week and I thought I should check out one of those meet-ups. It took me a few weeks but I ventured out last night. I started at a pre-“Revival Meeting” dinner, where the people I met explained that that’s what the meet-ups are called. Revival was the venue the meet-ups were held in the past; now they’re somewhere different every week. Hmm, makes sense… The group at the Thai restaurant was very international and a mix of New York residents and visitors: French, Ukrainian, Brazilian, Thai. It was an interesting collection! And they were trading stories of nightmarish or hilarious Couchsurfing experiences: Bed bugs! Dog shit! Toilets that don’t flush! Nude men you have to share a bed with! Mandatory ménage a trois!

After everyone finished their dinners, we strolled across town to Affair on Eighth. I ordered a pint of Stella that only cost $4, so I was instantly enamored of the establishment! The group seemed somehow more homogenous, perhaps because I didn’t speak with everyone. The age range was also homogenous, primarily 20- to 30-somethings. I wasn’t feeling especially gregarious or even all that motivated to meet people so I mostly observed, except for the guy who I overheard describing Spa Castle. I told him I’d been there and that it was awesome. But that was the extent of our interaction. Then a musician started singing and strumming his guitar; live music is not all that conducive to conversation.

One young man asked someone something about Burning Man, so I chatted him up a bit. He said he was a recent resident and not even yet official, that he was waiting to take an apartment until he got a job. Even though he’s fresh out of college, he seemed to be the only person I related to much…

I left after only two beers and those two brief conversations, not quite sure that Couchsurfing is for me. But we’ll see. Maybe next time I write about it, it’ll be after I’ve hosted the world’s most interesting house guest!

Fostering a Dog!

I am working with Waggytail Rescue. On Friday I picked up Casanova. By 10pm he was sitting on my lap and all my friend’s laps! He’s already sleeping beside me and right now he’s hangin’ out with me on the couch watching football. He is super affectionate! I left him alone for a while his first night to let him get situated and he used the wee-wee pad right away! So far he’s used it to pee on every time except for when I’ve taken him out for walks! I must say I was pretty impressed!

He is still a little shy and gets nervous being left alone but that should definitely change over time once he realizes he has a home, either mine or yours! But today I took him out for almost the whole day. He was friendly to all the dogs we saw in the park and on the street and was also good with all the humans who reached to pet him. I can’t believe how quickly he’s acting like a “normal” dog! (This is the first time I’ve ever fostered a dog and I guess I was expecting him to be really crazy.) Everyone on the street was admiring him!

The pound said he weighs 12 pounds and that he’s a Chihuahua mix; I would
guess that mix was with a Whippet, making him a Chiwhippet! He is sleek and kinda bony, but only in his hind quarters, where Whippets are so slim. He has long legs that he’s not quite comfortable in yet, kind of like a gangly teenager!

He likes his chew toys, hasn’t attacked any of my belongings and likes his little bed I made of an old rug and an old towel. Though as I said, he prefers my bed when I’m in it!

I haven’t let him get too close to any little kids yet because he’s so new and I don’t want to take any changes right away but he didn’t bark at any kids — even the ones on skateboards! — or act weird around
them on the sidewalk. Also not sure how he would be with cats. The only possible drawback I can see is that he’s sort of shedding a lot but that could be due to stress. I’m sure it will get better as he becomes more comfortable. And he already enjoys being brushed.

If you think you might be interested in Casanova, email me or contact WaggytailRescue!