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Prostitution? Or Proposition?

It seems I almost got myself booted off of OkCupid. A young man emailed me and was very specific about his desires: he wanted a “bend-over boyfriend” arrangement. Without dismissing him out-of-hand, I wrote back, telling him I knew Carol Queen, who I believe coined the term, and inviting him to join me for The Baroness‘s Fetish Retinue. I felt I should make an effort to meet him face-to-face and perhaps be in a position to give him advice. If not a good ass-reaming. The fucker flagged me! Our conversation went like this:

From rmcluesman to EditrixAbby:

I think I should be pretty honest about the type of person I am and the type of person I’m looking for. I’m mainly looking for a top/dom type of woman for a “bend-over boyfriend” kind of relationship. NSA at first and then see where it goes from there. This may be a bit too much info right from the start but I think I should say it, just in case you’re not into that at all (which is totally understandable) and thereby save each other some time and effort. That said, I think you’re very pretty and very very interesting from what I’ve read on your profile and I’d definitely like to talk with you some more.

From EditrixAbby to rmcluesman:

Bendover boyfriend, eh? I know Carol Queen, who I believe coined that term.
Any interest in attending The Baroness’s Fetish Retinue? Or is this a closeted proclivity?

From rmcluesman to EditrixAbby:

Hmm. I would consider attending that with you. If I wore a suit or something. I’m definitely not looking to wear a collar or a leather harness or anything. 🙂 not to say that’s what YOU had in mind, I’m just letting you know about me. I’d love to meet for a drink and talk further. Or we could talk on here. I have a very specific kind of bottoming/submission in mind. Anyway, hope to hear from you soon.

From EditrixAbby to rmcluesman:

Why don’t you give me a call and we can discuss! ***-***-****.
Not looking to put anyone into a collar!

From EditrixAbby to rmcluesman:

So if you’d like to get together for a drink and then attend the Baroness’s event, I’m going to see a friend’s band at Otto’s Shrunken Head around 9pm Sunday. There’s no cover for that.
Well, I’ll be there if you decide to show up!

From rmcluesman to EditrixAbby:

Hi! I just tried to give you a call. My number is ***-***-****. I wont be able to make it sunday night but I adsolutely want to see you soon. Also, I’d love to talk more as well. I’ll try you again and if I get no answer, send you a text. talk soon.

From EditrixAbby to rmcluesman:

Sorry, yes, my voicemail box is full and I don’t know how to empty it! Gotta call AT&T and figure that out…
Sad to hear you can’t make it Sunday. My schedule is a bit overbooked so I won’t have any time to meet you til after the 18th. I have a friend coming into town, then I’m going to LA to work Coachella til the 18th.

Anyway…if what you’re looking for in your “bend-over boyfriend” quest involves
strap-on play, that’s not something I’m willing to do “for free.” In other words, I would want to charge you for it, as I did back in my semi-pro pro-domme days. If that works for you, we can talk…but if not, you’d be better served to keep searching for someone willing to do it for free!
Sorry to be so brutal about it but, well, sometimes one man’s proclivity is another woman’s income!

Reported comments
other – Prostitute.
Apr 02, 2011 17:31:14

Now, to be honest, I wasn’t specifically soliciting him. I was attempting to say “no” without coming right out and saying “NO!” I thought I was letting him know that fucking a stranger with a strap-on is something that I wouldn’t consider doing, you know, like, just for fun. That it wasn’t my thing. It was his thing. And though it isn’t my thing I would certainly be willing to help him out…for a price. So perhaps, yes, that may have sounded like a solicitation. And I’ll admit that if he’d been interested I would’ve considered a cash transaction. We can call a spade a spade. Or a hooker a hooker, I suppose. But my “come-from” was more that of a fetish empath who is well aware of the courage it takes to proposition someone, a cyber-stranger, and I was only trying to be compassionate. Can you believe he actually reported me? This guy emails me, OUT OF THE BLUE, asking for me to fuck him up the ass with a strap-on, and HE reports ME? What the fuck?

He made the mistake of texting me the other day. I just sent him a closing note:
Hey, thanks for the flagging! Good luck getting assfucked!

Anyway, if you’re on OkCupid, feel free to do a search for “rmcluesman,” who, apparently has NO clue. Ask him if he’d like to receive a good ass-fucking. And tell him hello from EditrixAbby!

Apartment Cleaning Panty Boy

Yes, I have a strange life. I travel all the time but want to be in one place. I say I want a job but I don’t know how I’d fit one in! I manage to live on almost nothing and make it look damn glamorous. Many people I know say they envy me, that I’m “livin’ the dream.” I can’t say that I disagree! Though it would be nice if my glamorous life were just a bit more profitable.

In keeping with my usual weirdness, I had a cleaning person at my apartment this afternoon. You might wonder how I can afford a cleaning person, being broke and all. Well, I didn’t pay this cleaning person. He did it all for free. And dressed in nothing but a pair of lacy magenta panties.

He wasn’t bad looking, not exactly fit ‘n’ trim but not a total slob, either. I can’t say the bikini panties were the most flattering choice but I’m sure they make him happy! His back was hairy, which is always a bummer, but he wasn’t overly hirsute elsewhere. He had a pleasant demeanor and engaged in small talk, not the usual silent, slavey sort.

His first task was to chuck my Christmas tree out the window. I know, weird. But there’s a pile just below that looked destined for the city’s mulch project and it made more sense to toss it out the window than drag it through the hallway, trailing pine needles the whole way. He swept up the mess and started on the kitchen, washing my dishes and mopping my floor. Then I had him tackle the bathroom, scrubbing those floors, as well as the toilet. “Better you than me,” I cracked as I walked by the bathroom and saw him bent over the commode.

I had to keep him busy until 8:00 because his next gig was with a girl who wouldn’t be home til then. I’ve become almost obsessively neat so I didn’t have much more work for the guy! I was already having him clean things that weren’t all that dirty. I had him sweep and clean the living room and hallway floors but it still wasn’t 8:00! I sent him out to pick up some dog food for the girl he was going to next, just to stall, and he said he’d get himself some dinner as well.

When he returned I packed up the little puppy that he was to deliver to his next appointment and showed him to the door. He did a great job but I have a feeling I didn’t offer him as much ridicule and humiliation as he’s ordinarily subjected to; I just didn’t have it in me. Maybe I’m just not as weird as I used to be.