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At Burning Man, I get to see a lot of art. Really big art. Here are few folks who are responsible for some of that big art:

bcb04538c636ecb872296e98b231d4b9_400x400.jpegDan Glass is always scheming up something interesting. And usually potentially dangerous. He dreamt up the Smash Truck for Night Market, worked on the awesome A Cavallo art car and created a flaming shopping cart for NYC’s Iditarod. Wired.com says he’s a “New York-based writer who has covered participatory art, solar-eclipse chasing, flophouses and the psychological effect of viewing Earth from space.” He’s a quick thinker and a fast talker and looooooads of fun!
Kimmy crafts enormous art pieces out of discarded and up cycled materials. You’d never know that underneath her oversized, motorized fuzzy ponies there are broken shopping carts and shit. She’s made a climbable  dinosaur skeleton, a statue of a soldier made out of and an eerie graveyard. As one of the most valuable members of Kostume Kult, Kimmy fabricates the theme camp’s enormous props for parties and the playa. She keeps bugging me about writing my memoir. Someday, Kimmy!

BUArux4CEAAmCQ5.jpgEveryone knows Doyle by his last name alone. He drove Gon KiRin, his giant metal dragon, to the Detroit Institute of Arts and lit a protest sign on fire. His collaborative, Green Living Sciences, built the Active-Tree, an interactive learning center inside a shipping container. His most recent art car creation is “The CarCroach.”


Photo by Dust to Ashes

Rosanna Scimeca created the giant chandelier, “Cleavage In Space,” in 2003. Some people still remember it as their favorite piece of playa art. It had that big an impact. It’s always been one of my favorites as well.

Rebecca Anders is a friend of Robin Hood‘s. They worked together this past season on Illumacanth. As a member of Flaming Lotus Girls and founder of Flux Foundation, Rebecca worked on “Angel of the Apocalypse,” “Temple of Flux” and the


Photo by Scott London

whimsical “FishBug.” She also has the patience of a saint, spending an afternoon teaching my sister and I to weld. I sucked, by the way. But she had the grace not to say so.