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His Wife’s Big Surprise

This little piece of cuckoldry was spun for the July 1998 issue of Hustler’s Leg World. It even got a cover blurb: “Tied & Cuckholded – A Husband’s Exciting Shame.” I’d had plenty of experience at Penthouse, where “Watching My Wife” was one of the most popular letters section.

“Honey, do you think we have a good sex life?”

Anna had her nose half buried in a women’s magazine as she posed the question to her husband.

“Hmm?” was Steve’s response.

“Our sex life. Do you think it’s good?” Anna repeated, emerging from behind her Cosmo. “I was just reading about ways to spice up your sex life. It seems like ours has been, well . . . ”

Her voice trailed off. The thirtyish blonde was tucked under their duvet, the spaghetti straps of her Victoria’s Secret nightie slipping slightly off her smooth shoulders.

“I wouldn’t complain,” Steve offered, not turning away from Letterman. “Would you?”

“Oh, I suppose not,” Anna sighed, returning to her magazine. “But even the best sex life could use some spice.”

“Babe, if you want spice, you just let me know what flavor,” Steve said lovingly, leaning over to peck his wife on the cheek.

And so ended an average evening in the lives of Anna and Steve. He didn’t give it another thought until he checked his voice mail at the office late one afternoon about a week later. “Steve?” his wife’s voice wavered. “Remember what you said about, um, spicing up our sex life?” There was an ominous pause and Steve started to worry. “Well, I’ve got a surprise planned for you tonight, so try not to be too late.” And she giggled. Steve hit delete and smiled. So, Anna wanted to add a little zing to things, he mused. Probably some Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie, a bottle of cham­pagne and a basket of strawberries. His cock stirred at the thought of some action. It had been a while. Seems like they’d slid into the usual married life sex schedule: once a week, if he was lucky. If a bit of spice were to up that average to, say, twice a week, Steve was all for it. He packed up his briefcase, looking forward to getting home–and getting some.

When Steve strode in the door, nothing seemed very surprising. Anna met him in her usual jeans and silk blouse. He didn’t smell anything cooking and he didn’t notice any champagne chilling.

“Hey hon,” Anna said, kissing him on the cheek. “Go on upstairs and get comfortable. I’m still working on your surprise.”

She seemed awfully calm for a wife about to spring a sexual extravaganza, Steve thought, slipping out of his sport coat. He kicked off his loafers and started up the stairs, nervous again. There was no sign of a surprise in the bedroom either. The bed was still made and Steve didn’t spot any lacy lingerie lying around. He stripped out of his shirt and slacks, debating whether to lose the boxers as well. Finally deciding that naked was best, he removed them and stretched out on the bed in anticipation. To Steve’s slight embarrassment, his cock was already half hard. Kinda pathetic, he thought. But hell, better to be at attention and ready for anything.

Steve gave his prick a casual stroke and closed his eyes, still curious about what was to come. When Anna breezed in, she laughed devilishly. “I see you’ve almost started without me,” she purred, grabbing his hard-on and giving it a playful squeeze. “Guess I’d better get started before you finish without me!” And from out of her pocket, Anna produced a black silk blindfold. “Let’s put this on you, so it’s a real surprise,” she said, smiling. Steve didn’t protest. Anna was in charge of this treat and he was going to enjoy every second. He closed his eyes against the dark silk.

“Now, I’m going to tie your arms and legs to the bed,” Anna whispered. “I’ve got some soft, silky cords and it’s all in fun. Okay?”

“You’re in charge, babe” Steve laughed, figuring that would be the right thing to say. “Just don’t hurt me.” So, she was going to venture into a bit of bondage? Steve had seen a few of those videos at bachelor parties and it sounded fine with him. He didn’t struggle as Anna wrapped the silk ropes around his wrists and ankles, securely fastening them to the bed frame. Steve’s cock jumped and twitched, eager for what was to come. A blowjob, maybe? Hmm, that would be great blindfolded! He grinned knowingly when he felt Anna’s tongue twirling around his ankle. She slowly and torturously licked and kissed him, up one leg and down the other, strangely neglecting his straining prick. From there he felt her move to the side of the bed, where she continued her ministrations, tweaking his nipples, still licking, kissing and sucking.

“Babe, you’re making me nuts,” he growled. “I can’t wait to get inside you.”

“Shhh,” Anna whispered. “Be patient.” Then she was on to his neck, his ears, the palms of his hands. Steve had never experienced anything like this before. He made a mental note to write Cosmo, thanking them for motivating his wife to give him this little treat. When Anna had licked and nibbled just about every inch of his body, Steve’s cock was swollen and ready to burst. If Anna didn’t relieve him soon, he didn’t know what he’d do. That’s when she untied his blindfold. But instead of regaining his sight by seeing his wife poised to slurp his prick into her mouth, Steve was met with the sight of a naked stranger standing at the foot of his bed. And the guy’s cock was bigger–and harder–than his own.

Steve tried to sit up and made it only a few inches off the bed. The silk ropes constricted around his wrists. He fell back, chastened. Before he had a chance to ask, Anna introduced the interloper. “Steve, this is Carlo,” she cooed, stroking the stranger’s stiff cock. “He’s here to add a little Southern spice to our sex life!” And while Steve watched, Anna knelt down and took Carlo’s enormous cock into her mouth. Her eyes were flutter­ing as she deep-throated the Latin lover.

“Si, baby, si,” he hissed, grabbing Anna’s blonde curls and pulling her head closer, forcing his huge tool further down Anna’s throat. Steve groaned. This was definitely not what he’d been fantasizing about. Who the fuck was this guy, anyway? He was just about to ask. Hell, ask? Demand! But as Carlo’s hips pumped slowly in and out of his wife’s throat, Steve felt his engorged cock throb. Could he possily be turned on by this? He’d never even entertained the thought of his wife with another man. Not outside of a nightmare, anyway. But here it was, happening right before his eyes. And it wasn’t like he could do a damn thing about it. His hands and feet were still securely bound. All he could do was watch.

Releasing Carlo’s cock to come up for air, Anna asked, “What do you think, honey?” She gave the guy’s cock a tender kiss. Steve winced. “Isn’t he gorgeous?” Steve didn’t respond. He couldn’t. True, the tanned, muscled stranger was pretty good-looking. Probably made a decent living as a gigolo, nothing to do but hit the gym all day. “How would you like to see him fuck me?” Anna asked, pumping her fist up and down the gleaming shaft of the stranger. “Carlo, babe, I would love to feel this magnificent prick of yours buried inside me.”

“No problem, señora,” Carlo growled. “How would you like it?” Anna scrambled up off her knees and braced herself at the foot of the bed. “From behind,” she panted. “Like an animal!” Anna gripped the bed right between Steve’s feet. Her breasts hung down, swaying obscenely, as she shook her ass at the stranger. “Mount me like a bull!” Anna ordered. “Toro, Toro!” Steve’s mouth fell open in shock. He’d never heard his wife talk dirty before. His cock twitched and jerked. God, he was dying for release. It didn’t appear to be happening anytime soon, though. Steve stared as the Latin lover moved up behind his wife, stroking his tool. And not five feet in front of his disbelieving face, Steve watched as Carlo sank his throbbing prick into Anna’s cunt. His wife’s eyes fluttered closed.

“Oh, baby, that is sooo good!” she purred, pushing herself back against Carlo’s grinding pelvis. Carlo reached around and grasped her breasts, kneading them roughly as he began to pump into her. Harder, and harder again, Carlo rammed his cock home. Anna’s hands were still gripping the duvet. She arched her back to meet the Latino’s thrusts. Steve strained to hear the sound of his wife’s pussy belching to accommodate the stranger’s huge cock. He could smell her arousal, pungent and strong. He groaned in distress. His cock was throbbing like never before.

While Carlo was banging rhythmically into his wife’s cunt, Steve hungrily took in the obscene tableau. It was like watching a porn movie, starring his wife! It had him so turned on, wildly, incredibly turned on. More so, in fact, than he could ever remember feeling. If only his hands were free so he could jerk himself off while watching! He fought against his restraints in frustration, desperate for release, half crazy with both jealousy and lust. Small droplets of sweat were sliding down his wife’s arms, dribbling off her tits, dripping onto the bed. Steven couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying herself. She was eagerly slamming her ass back to meet each of Carlo’s thrusts. How could this guy hold out so long? Steve wondered. He’d have shot his load ages ago. But still Carlo kept pumping, his eyes screwed shut with passionate concentration. Then suddenly he stopped.

“How about another position?” he asked, still sliding slowly in and out of Anna’s dripping pussy.

“Sure!” she squealed enthusiastically. “Where?”

“On the bed,” Carlo panted. “Right over your husband.”

Anna didn’t bother to respond. She just scrambled onto the bed, positioning herself on her hands and knees, her sweaty tits dangling enticingly in front of Steve’s face. She had one knee pressed against his hip, the other uncomfortably nudging his swollen balls. She was practically right on top of him! And the scent of her ravaged cunt was even stronger. All she would have to do is just squat down, if she would just move a few inches, and Steve would be gratefully inside her. But that wasn’t the plan. Anna braced herself as Carlo gripped her waist and slipped easily into her greased hole. She moaned as Carlo’s cock filled her and a second later she was sliding back and forth on his pole. The fucker didn’t even have to work! Steve strained to see Carlo entering his wife, but the angle was impossible. He knew what was happening, though, and he could easily imagine the details, her pussy lips stretching wide to accommodate that stiff, shining cock. Anna was moving forward, then back again, sliding her slippery cunt up and down on Carlo’s prick, while Carlo just knelt there with a satisfied smile on his face.

“Your wife,” he said, nodding at Anna’s gleaming body, “she is a good fuck.” Steve’s mouth was so dry he couldn’t speak. He was, by this point, totally out of his mind. “Verrrry, goooood,” Carlo repeated, his cock still sliding in and out of Anna. She pressed herself down against Steve’s chest, arching her back and shoving her ass out lewdly, and he could feel how sweaty and hot she was. But still, no contact—and no release—for his engorged cock! While Anna continued her rhythmic ride on Carlo’s prick, Carlo started to pinch and slap Anna’s ass. This seemed to drive her even more wild, and she sped up her motions. “Oh, señora, that is good!” the Latin groaned. “Sooo gooood!” And Carlo bent over Anna’s back, driving his cock in deeper and deeper, until he slammed in one last time and held it there, his breath coming in noisy wheezes and rasps. Anna moaned as Carlo emptied his cock inside her, mashing her tits into Steve’s chest and pushing her ass back into the Latin’s groin as hard as she possibly could. And when Anna’s belly brushed lightly against Steve’s cock, he erupted uncontrollably, spewing spurt after steaming, pent-up spurt of his seed against his wife’s heaving stomach.

They held that position for a few moments, each reveling in their own post-orgasmic bliss. Finally, Anna pried herself up off of Steve’s chest, her belly gleaming and gooey with his come. Carlo pulled his now-limp member from Anna’s pussy and his copious load immediately began to ooze from her swollen lips, dribbling down her thighs. Carlo moved away from the bed and out of Steve’s line of sight. Not that he was paying attention to the Latin any longer, though, because his wife had repositioned herself. Anna straddled Steve’s face, forcing him to confront her dripping cunt right in front of his nose. “Can you smell his come?” she hissed, smearing her pussy across Steve’s face. “Eat me, baby,” she whispered. “Eat his come out of me. Make me come like you do.” And Steve obediently began lapping Carlo’s come from his wife’s pussy, slurping it off her trembling thighs, nib­bling mischieviously on her swollen clit.

It didn’t take Anna long to climax. The heightened excitement and Steve’s loving tongue conspired to drive her over the edge in just minutes, and she screamed with release, convulsing against Steve’s face. “Man, that was amazing!” she exclaimed, scrambling to reposition herself again. While poor Steve was still bound, spread-eagle, he had managed to achieve another hard-on, despite the previous circumstances and his huge orgasm of only moments ago. Anna mounted him in such a frenzy, he barely had time to give it a thought, and soon the two were fucking wildly, their coupling bodies a sweaty blur. Anna bounced and humped, riding Steve’s cock like something straight out of a sexual fantasy, and Steve valiantly shoved his pelvis up off the bed to meet her every bounce. The sound of their two bodies slapping together seemed amplified by their delerious sexual abandon. Steve felt like he could fuck forever. Absolutely forever. But that wasn’t to be either. Without the usual warning, his orgasm simply overcame him. And Steve cried out as his raw, overworked cock flooded his wife’s already-filled cunt. In answer, Anna’s pussy clenched in climax, squeezing every last, impossible drop of come from Steve’s spasming balls.

When Anna slid off of Steve and flopped, breathlesss, on the bed beside him, she curled up around his sticky body and sighed contentedly. “So, honey, do you think we have a good sex life?” she whispered hoarsely.

“Baby, we have got the spicy, fuckin’ hottest sex life there is!” Steve responded. “Now do you think you could untie these ropes?”