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Off On Another Adventure

So I’m leaving today on a trip to Alaska. Yes, Alaska. In the winter.

I met a guy on OkCupid (hi Andy!) and we realized early on that we’d be better as friends. We’ve hung out and gotten to know each other. He lived in Alaska for 14 years and wanted to go up there to celebrate his birthday. He misses it, I guess. Well, he mostly misses his favorite strip club, The Great Alaskan Bush Company. Anyway, he asked me if I’d want to go to with him. I’m sure that it’s partly because I’m probably one of the few women he would feel comfortable taking to a strip club. (And I’m sure he’ll correct me if I’m wrong!) I still miss Billy’s Topless. It’s probably also that I’m the kind of person who never says no to an adventure!

So in a few hours I’ll be flying to Seattle and connecting to my flight to Anchorage. I’ll be spending a few days there but we’ll also be flying up to Fairbanks and driving to Chena Hot Springs, where I’m hoping we’ll be able to see The Northern Lights. Seeing the Aurora Borealis is pretty much the only thing on my “bucket list.” Fingers crossed! So stay tuned!


That’s how I’ve been feeling lately: scrambled. I’m not on any particular schedule. Sometimes I get up at 8:00am to work out with my cousin, who’s on her way home after dropping her son off at school. By 3:00 it feels like midnight! And sometimes I sleep half the day, cause, um, I don’t have anything to get up for, really.

I never know what day it is. I don’t need to, since I’m not working. There isn’t anything in particular that I do every week on the same day…so it doesn’t much matter. The closest thing I have to discipline is this damn blog. Unless, of course, you count watching The View every morning at 11:00…or Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune every night from 7:00 til 8:00. Talk about pathetic. I’m in the throes of transition but that means I’m sort of…nowhere. Or everywhere.

I got back from Burning Man on October 15. I went back to California for the holidays and returned on December 30. I’m leaving again on Friday, back again the following Thursday. Then on the 31st I’m going to Alaska (yes, Alaska), to hit Chena Hot Springs and, ideally, see The Northern Lights, back on February 5th. On the 14th I leave (again) for California, where my trip to Africa for a safari originates. I’ll be in Tanzania and Mozambique for 10 days, from the 17th of February til the 1st of March (I’m assuming there are days that I’ll spend in the air, accounting for those “lost” days in there). With just enough time to do a load of laundry at my parents’ and hopefully recover from my jet lag just a smidge, I fly out of SFO at midnight on the 3rd for New Orleans and Mardi Gras. I’ll be there a week, flying back to New York on the 10th. Just typing all this is making me tired.

I know, you’re probably saying, that’s a whole lotta jetsetting for someone who doesn’t even have a job! Well, I’m not paying for any of this travel. My budget could maybe get me to Coney Island. It’s all gonna provide me with plenty to blog about, that’s for sure!

In between all of this, I’ll be dog fostering, packing and unpacking, trying to see friends, producing another singles’ event (or two), trying to date (as hopeless as that’s been lately), orchestrating my sister buying my ex-husband out of my co-op, looking for work (though what’s the point? I’m never home!), working out and attempting to maintain the discipline of this blog. For all, like two dozen of you reading! (So tell you friends, eh?)

Stay tuned for news on ALL of this stuff and the up-to-date details on my sanity. Or lack thereof!