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Learning New Relationship Strategies at The Love In

The Transformational Warriors are relationship gurus who counsel singles and couples in all aspects of sex and love. Though I’ve watched them from afar for years, I had never felt I needed their advice. Recently single, I decided now was the time to hear what they had to say and attend one of their “Love Ins.” No, it isn’t your usual singles scene or even nightlife, really, but in a city full of liquor and lost souls, a bit of enlightenment sounded refreshing. If a bit intimidating!

Shanti and Arjuna began the class with an introduction of who they are and how they came to be “superheros saving the world from boring relationships,” then invited us to introduce ourselves. Those in attendance ranged surprisingly in age and gender, race and nationality, sexual preference and practice, even relationship status. Some were new to not only The Transformational Warriors but to New York as well. Others appeared to be “regulars.” Quite a mixed bag!

The “Love In” was held in the living room of a private apartment and event venue, Sexy Spirits, on Eighth Ave. and 55th St. It is a comfortable space with a cozy fireplace and homey atmosphere, if a bit, well, perhaps too homey. I personally prefer more “professional” venues but for this sort of thing it seemed appropriate. Plus the fact that Shanti and Arjuna met each other in the very same room, at a similar event, less than a decade ago certainly counts for something!

The bulk of the two-and-a-half hours was spent participating with fellow seekers in one-on-one exercises that focused on gratitude and what we’re seeking in the intimacy arena. Students were almost alarmingly forthcoming with intimate information, myself included! The promise of “learning how the other half thinks” was delivered on in another group activity. If that’s something that happens at every Love In, it’s worth a repeat visit just to hear more!

After the guided exercises the couple held a wrap-up Q&A session. “Cross talk” was discouraged, which was both a bad thing (I find it difficult to keep my mouth shut) and a good thing (it helped maintain their “expert” positions and prevented us from being subjected to advice from each other, something that often happens in group “encounter”-like situations such as these). Lastly we gave a few final words of gratitude. It wasn’t so scary after all!

Before departing we were informed of upcoming seminars. The next “Love In” will take place in late January. December’s alternate offering will be the “Scrooge Shop,” a two-hour event that Arjuna characterizes as more “work” than their usual “play,” designed to help you confront your holiday ghosts and off-load your Santa’s sac-worth of baggage. If the season has you feeling all bah humbug about love and relationships, let The Transformational Warriors inspire some ho-ho-holiday cheer!

More info at TransformationalWarriors.com.