September 17

Yesterday the weather called for a hoodie. I ate a bucket of blueberries as my only meal. And I OPENED THE BAR! It was a soft, quiet re-reopening and it was FANTASTIC! Lucky hosted Burning Man Happy Hour and we celebrated Michael Seto’s birthday. The back yard was at capacity (well, once Zero made it immaculate) and everyone who popped by was SO EXCITED to see me open. I am beyond grateful for the heartfelt enthusiasm. Seriously. This whole shitshow has been extremely taxing, both financially AND emotionally, and the only way I’ve gotten through it has been with your love and support.

It wasn’t easy getting my “sea legs” back and serving “food.” I didn’t even have time to change from my “summer” menu. People were gobbling up the pizza bagel bites so maybe they’ll be on the permanent menu. I’ll be experimenting more as the days go by. WARNING: Unless you’d like to come and actually serve your food suggestions, please keep them to yourselves. It’s stressful enough!
MANY MANY THANKS to everyone who stopped by! And to the BMHH continigent of Abby’s Pandemic Survival Crew! HUZZAH! I hope to see more of your fabulous, familiar faces in the days to come!

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