Daily Archives: September 6, 2020

September 6

And speaking of connections…I know last night was difficult for many of my friends, feeling so far away from our dusty roots, where friendships were forged with t-stake pounders and PBR. It is a visceral void, felt more acutely because we are feeling it globally yet separately. In my multiverse we are all nursing a well-earned hangover, waking to the smell of coffee and bacon, eager for the first bloody of the day — or mimosa, or coffee and Carolans or frosty cold beer or La Croix — and leaning back in a dusty camp chair as friends stop by to share their tales of adventure. I can’t even write about it without getting weepy. I miss you all like fucking crazy! Next year in the holy land, eh?

I’ve also been weeping with gratitude watching the donations coming in to pay my “Constitutional Warriors,” Wylie Stecklow and Jon Avins. Together we took on the Governor and I’m working to get them some much-deserved cash. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Of course, I’ll gladly buy you a beer Tuesday for a donation today! SO MUCH LOVE to all of you!

Happy Labor Day!