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September 1

I woke up to this piece. So much for keeping a “low profile” after the filing of the lawsuit!

Manhattan bar owner who started petition against food-with-drinks requirement sues Cuomo after her liquor license suspended

An East Village bar owner who spoke out against a state requirement that food be served with drinks during the COVID-19 pandemic — then got shut down for flouting the rule — is suing Gov. Cuomo.

Abby Ehmann, 61, operated Lucky Bar when she started the “Seating Not Eating” petition in July, claiming Cuomo’s mandate placed an “onerous burden” on establishments that don’t normally serve grub.

Less than a week after Ehmann was interviewed by the Daily News about the petition, State Liquor Authority investigators showed up to check if Lucky Bar was in compliance, though there weren’t checks at other nearby bars, according to the lawsuit.

Targeting Ehmann’s establishment after she created her petition and spoke with the media was retaliatory, the suit claims.

“In times when unusual measures are needed, we have to be extra vigilant to make sure that even a well-meaning government does not act arbitrarily.” said Ehmann’s lawyer, Jon Avins.

Investigators who visited the bar Aug. 3 cited Ehmann for serving alcohol without accompanying food, according to the lawsuit. The next day, her liquor license was suspended.