May 30

Don’tcha just wish you were so blissfully stupid that you’re excited for the future? Happy to see Dumpf on the TV and think MY PREZ!!! That you were one of those people waist-deep in pissed-in pool water at Lake of the Ozarks, drinking a Natty Lite and toasting “Murika?” Or that you actually believe that this virus is a hoax? No worse than the flu? Try as I might, I haven’t managed to kill enough brain cells to become that dumb. If not striving for a lower IQ, I’d shoot for time-travel. I would like to fast-forward to June 1, 2021. I want to walk over to the bar, pull up the gate and prepare for a sunny Saturday of bustling business. Sadly, it’s probably more plausible to become stupid.
Let’s do our best to have a somewhat sane Saturday.

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