May 27

Happy Birthday TO MEEEE! I feel SO fortunate to have friends like all of YOU! Sunday was a spectacular celebration! And never in my life have I felt less annoyed with people who didn’t show up to MY PARTY! If ever there was a perfect excuse to stay home, saving your own damn life is a GREAT one! Bwahahaha! But seriously. Sunday was so much fun. Today, I know, will be more low-key and I am FINE with that! It will be phone calls and texts and fielding the greetings here on the book of faces, which is at its VERY best on one’s birthday!


I have some plans to meet friends, one-on-one, today and, of course, there will be more spontaneous celebrating as I stroll through the East Village and pop by Maiden Lane. I’m trying to decide if I should “support a local business” by buying my own birthday cake at Veneiro’s? Umm…I may have to make it down to Stanton Street to support San Loco and get myself a margarita. And where, of all my favorite food places, should I pick up dinner? Pho #1 from Sunny & Annie’s? Life-changing salad from Remedy Diner? More Yuca Bar? Mexican from Fonda? Or something melty from Barnyard? The mere fact that I have ALL these options is wonderful! I cannot wait till I can sit safely inside and spend money to make sure they are all here a year from now!

This is most definitely the weirdest birthday ever, happening in the strangest days any of us have ever experienced. We’ve been seeing both the best and the worst in our fellow human beings. It’s like we’re being presented with a “sorting hat” situation that will identify who to align ourselves with. I’ve despaired about not being one of the mask makers. But we all give what we can. MUCH LOVE to you all! THANK YOU!

If you’d like to do the “safely celebrating” thing with me today, I’ll be zooming from 6 till 9 with the weekly Burning Man Happy Hour. I KNOW I said I wasn’t gonna but I’d love to see all your smiling faces! Here’s the info:

Join Zoom Meeting…

Meeting ID: 896 327 497
Password: 027116

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