May 26

Yesterday I treated myself to a to-go brunch from one of my favorite restaurants, Yuca Bar, which recently reopened. There were a lot of folks eager for mojitos; I opted for food, no booze. While I waited for my breakfast burrito, I grabbed the first iced coffee of the season from Ray’s. There was a cute little old Polish lady — sans mask — getting coffee while I was in there and when I slipped a $5 into the tip jar, she looked up at me and said, “Ooh, you rich!” I actually felt rich! And quite fortunate that I can easily support local businesses.
IMG_2017 IMG_2018IMG_2019
Later in the afternoon I went for a walk. I’d say that about half the people I encountered weren’t wearing masks. Just an empirical observation. I’ve been struggling not to judge. I also saw a LOT of parties and gatherings in the park spaces along the river. Dancing and BBQing and a children’s birthday. I’ll admit it caused me some fleeting discomfort (It was the people seated across from each other at tables that were the most concerning, which causes me to think that indoor restaurant dining may seem most scary.) but I’m sure spectators were equally uncomfortable and judgmental seeing my Sunday celebrations. Joy is essential. The number of people who were completely disregarding the pointless open container law confirms, for me, that our politicians really need to let people LEGALLY enjoy their adult beverages al fresco! Outdoors is safer!
It was by far the loneliest Memorial Day I’ve ever had. I would’ve been down in Princeton for Reunions this past weekend (my sister’s 35th) and enjoying extended birthday celebrations. Sunday was SO much fun that yesterday was a definite come-down. And I’m trying not to set myself up for too much disappointment tomorrow, when the partying will be primarily online. Thank you for all the pre-birthday wishes! I’ve definitely been feeling the love! MWAH!

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