May 24

Greetings, friends!
I have a birthday coming up and the thought of celebrating in a fucking Zoom “party” is enough to make me lose my mind. So today I will be stationed in Tompkins Square Park for a few hours. Come by and say hi! Bring a blanket and safely socialize from whatever distance you choose! Bring a beverage, a picnic, a hazmat suit? I dunno. I’m muddling through this the same as the rest of you! I’ve found that human interaction that doesn’t involve the internet is IMMENSELY beneficial to my psychological well-being.
I’ll be there from 1:00pm on, likely sticking around till at least 5:00pm, probably longer. I’ll have my phone on me if you wanna text or Facebook message or send a drone!
I know that there are a few of you on here who won’t want to venture out! I’m inviting you anyway just so you don’t feel neglected!
MWAH! Oops! I mean “air-hug.”
At 5:00, you can be SUPER safe and join Sandy and Joe for their weekly Virtual Lucky Happy Hour! I’ll post the log in info here soon! I hope to see you, either virtually or in person! Have a lovely Sunday!!

Meeting ID: 826 7120 2055
Password: 661133


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