Daily Archives: May 22, 2020

May 22

How was my adventure yesterday, you ask? In a word: EPIC. This adventure would’ve been epic, for me, under normal circumstances, since once I get off the grid of Manhattan, I might as well be on Mars! Pull up a chair!

If you know me, all my most hilarious tales begin with, “All I’d eaten was yogurt!” In hindsight,that probably wasn’t the smartest, given that I was having blood drawn. Oh well…

IMG_1964 IMG_1965

Jill accompanied me on my walk up First Ave. to the 34th Street ferry dock and we said goodbye before I boarded. It was the MOST beautiful day! Blue sky, brilliant sun, heavenly breeze, no humidity! The ferry ride was brief but wonderful. Suzanne met me on the LIC dock and we started what felt like a REALLY long walk to the testing site. (Word to those who’d prefer not to wear masks: Go for your walks in Queens! There were hardly ANY people! And hardly any open businesses, meaning fewer places to grab a Gatorade, so….) Anyway! We were speedy, ’cause I arrived a half-hour early. They let me in, though, saying there wasn’t a line and I was in and out in 10 minutes! The mostly empty, cavernous space had about a dozen stations with teams of two to take your blood. They were swift and efficient. I was bummed we didn’t get cookies and juice afterward…


On our walk back, we found an open restaurant, of sorts, and got ourselves smoothies! We sat outside in the sun and almost felt like normal people! When we got back down near the water, we decided to walk to Greenpoint. I’d never been over the Pulaski Bridge. It was pretty! At Suzanne’s suggestion, we got ourselves a couple GIANT Hurricanes at Magazine and went over to Transmitter Park.


What a splendid idea! It was bustling with people but not crazy crowded. We sat there enjoying our frozen boozy deliciousness, basking in the afternoon sun, and reveled in feeling like actual humans!


We grabbed the 6:15 ferry so Suzanne could pick up her bike from LIC and I could trundle back downtown. I caught the last little bit of Pinky’s Happy Hour, popped into Judy Sky‘s birthday Zoom and then wound up chatting up just a few of my favorite ladies. All in all, a truly spectacular day! And I covered over 7 miles! Today, I may rest! And tomorrow looks like rain. I’ll be celebrating my birthday on Sunday in Tompkins Square Park. Check in Sunday morning for the details! Have a great Friday!