Daily Archives: May 21, 2020

May 21

Yesterday was GAAAAALORIOUS! It was a stunning spring day. I took a nice long walk by the river, chattering to my mom the entire time. I did my “indoor exercises.” I put on HARD PANTS! (And, yes, managed to zip them up.) I made a trip to the drug store, which was surprisingly not stressful. (Well, their plexi shields were a bit…offputting, as were the piled plastic crates designed to keep customers from, I dunno, I guess pressing their faces against the plexi?) I met friends for a couple cocktails, hanging out on a tailgate, since someone else had commandeered “the Lucky steps.” And before heading home, I capped off the afternoon with a delicious Mexican Cuban sammich from Barnyard! The city definitely feels like it’s stirring a smidge from its slumber.
What does today hold in store? Well, I’ve scheduled myself for an antibody test in Long Island City. (It’s the closest of all the locations.) Getting there should be an adventure involving a sunny ferry ride. If that turns out to be fun, I may make other waterborne plans. Seems safer than going subterranean…
We’ve got a holiday weekend coming up. And I have a birthday coming up as well! Our Mayor is telling us we’re allowed to have safely social gatherings of 10 people or less so stay tuned for info about a celebration, if you’re up for that sort of thing. It will be a double birthday, sharing the festivities with Ron Herczig. Hopefully you can stop by the park for an hour!
And tonight is Pinky’s weekly Virtual Lucky Happy Hour! Stop in and say hello sometime between 6 and 8.
Meeting ID: 829 7474 9972
Password: 030313
We’d love to see you!