Daily Archives: May 20, 2020

May 20

I’m not quite sure how you all managed to get through your day yesterday without my witticisms. But apparently you did. I slipped back down my depression rabbit hole. My birthday is a week from today. You all know how much I enjoy a party. We’ve now missed St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Passover, and Cinco de Mayo, along with the birthdays of many friends. The idea of celebrating in a fucking Zoom meeting is causing me much distress. Thank heavens this year isn’t a big one. If all my planning for last year’s party had been cancelled by a virus, I would’ve been VERY sad. Now I’m just mostly sad… I will likely be doing some safely-distanced celebrating over this weekend, so please get in touch if you’d be game to join me. It could be a one-to-one masked adventure or, if you’re game, something with a few more people (also masked, obviously).
As an irrepressible planner, I’m also working on a few other “events.” One is a Zoom meeting with our “nightlife mayor,” Ariel Palitz. If you are a NYC bar owner or manager, please private message me. I’ve been busy compiling my “guest list” but could use some assistance. The meeting can accommodate up to 100 people and I want a “packed room.” I’m also conspiring with my fellow crone, Mari Gustafson, on a safely distanced Summer Solstice celebration, so stay tuned for more on that soon.
I’ve been getting outside every day for almost two weeks now, attempting to walk for at least an hour. It’s been easier with better weather and is a much-needed mood elevator. My next step toward being — and feeling — more “normal,” whatever that means, is to try and buy something on every trip. I need to go to the drug store soon. I’d like to get back to a once a week trip to Key Food instead of stockpiling. And I’m eagerly awaiting the first “iced coffee day.” Maybe I’ll treat myself to a cocktail hour today! Let me know if you’d like to meet up! Cheers!
Pretty tree photo from Monday’s stroll along the river.