Daily Archives: May 15, 2020

May 15

Oh dear…I have finally slipped down the “deep cleaning” rabbit hole. While doing my “exercises” on my apartment floor, I have involuntarily become one with some of my…uh, more long-standing filth. I am a “collector,” which is really just a nicer word for “curated hoarder.” Much of what I “collect” is ephemera, added, layer upon layer, to my shelves. So they never get dusted. I am moving said ephemera, along with their accompanying dust, and attempting a minor purge. Aaaahhhhchoooo! It’s going to be a long process, because even tackling one small shelf requires a crap-ton of energy. I’m about halfway through one “set” of shelves. Thoughts and prayers?
Yesterday was another long walk, but this time back by the water. I’ve felt buoyed enough by other recent forays to not require the emotional nourishment of seeing businesses up and running. Apparently MANY of you have not ventured out for anything beyond necessities. And even those trips have been speedy, well-protected and panic-stricken. So my question for you all, dear readers, is: How far have YOU traveled? Yes, we’ve seen the “how brave are you” scale of 0 to 5. And we’ve also seen the cell phone tracking maps that show that, each day, people are leaving their homes and traveling more and further afield. Tell me where you’ve been and how safe you felt. Just the grocery store, as necessary, and terrified? Valid. Everywhere, all the time, and not scared at all? Also valid. I’m sure most of you will fall somewhere in the middle. Please let me know where you LIVE so I have an idea of what you actually have access to. (Suburbia? Car? Big box stores? Or in a city? Not even a bicycle? A dozen bodegas and coffee shops but not much more besides grocery stores?) I’m genuinely curious because I think it more accurately answers the question, “How ready ARE people to actually “reopen?”
No Virtual Lucky Happy Hour today, folks. I’m gonna try and get outside again and then attend the Scavenger Hunt Smackdown my friends are producing. Have a lovely Friday! Yes, Friday!