Daily Archives: May 11, 2020

May 11

Not much to say today. Trying not to panic completely about what “business” might look like when we are able to reopen. And how dangerous it will be for everyone involved. Personally, I’m ready to put myself in jeopardy. The rest of my staff? I can’t make that decision for other people…And what about my customers? I honestly cannot see a way through this. I just can’t.
I have a favor to ask: Does anyone manage a Squarespace web site that they would be willing to give me access to? I need to be an admin (or whatever) on one more site in order to have fancier privileges. Too confusing to explain it all here but I can promise I won’t DO anything to/on your site. Just need to be able to. I know, confusing… Let me know?
Yesterday was probably the most upsetting Mother’s Day I’ve ever experienced. My mom is in good health so no worries there. But trying to talk to her with a crappy connection AND while she was having conversations with my sister and all four of my sister’s kids was both frustrating and depressing. My family, 3000 miles away, spending a lovely day at the beach house, looking out at the Pacific…two of those four kids recently returned from yet another beach house perched on Pacific in Malibu, where my nephew had friends over…knowing that while he has already had the virus, what are the chances of my mom becoming infected from the other nephew? I mean we don’t really know shit about this virus…and if my mom DOES become infected? I’m on the other side of the fucking continent. And no one seemed to really care. They think I’m crazy for worrying and don’t want to listen to my concerns. They couldn’t even be bothered trying to talk to me…I can’t cope…
Hmmm, guess I had more to say than I thought…