Daily Archives: May 8, 2020

May 8

I think I need a second mug — and by mug, I mean jug — of coffee today. Aside from the general malaise, it’s a cloudy, clammy day here in NYC and my brain feels swaddled in cotton. Okay, maybe it was the six-pack of Lemon Lime Bon & Viv I consumed last night. Plus that sour cherry candy… It could also be Cuomo’s presser. He’s become a background drone…more maxims and statistics and not much new information. Yeah, yeah, New York Tough…
I’d like to introduce you to my newest family member: Stan! I told everyone in last night’s happy hour about Stan and they were SHOCKED! You can all start taking bets on how long he lives.
Clothes are now pajamas! I don’t mean that I’m just sleeping in whatever I was wearing, though the thought has occurred to me. I have a cute pair of pajama bottoms that didn’t have a top so I paired them with a supposed-to-be-worn-outside shirt. Voila! Shirt becomes pajamas! Because outside clothes have become mostly useless!
Tonight should’ve been the 30th anniversary of Night of a Thousand Stevies and I would’ve been onstage in my Stevie drag, tossing out the beribboned tambourines. It makes me sad to miss one of my favorite nights of the year. So much…missing…
I am toying with opening the bar for some sort of take out “experience.” I don’t want to just hand over cans of beer. You can buy that at the bodega. And I’m not exactly an expert mixologist. (Though I know Keith would debate that fact.) So I’m dreaming up ways to entertain, make people happy for a few moments — beyond the effect of alcohol, obviously — and try something different from what all the other local watering holes are doing. The bummer about this is that unless people are within walking distance, they can’t come by. You all will, of course, be the first to know about the “event.”
As far as hopefulness and optimism, see the article I posted earlier this morning. It has science and logic, two things in short supply these days. I’m feeling a bit Zoomed out so no virtual happy hour today unless someone steps up to co-host. Much love to all of you!