Daily Archives: May 7, 2020

May 7

I sat through three press briefings today: DiBlasio, Cuomo, Murphy. No big plans to reopen, just lots of vague, newly-coined maxims and declining statistics. What about “new cases” going up? Um, aren’t there more people testing positive because we’re testing way more people? Does that rising number mean we’re pushing our lockdown further into the summer? New Jersey has already extended theirs into June. I hate to repeat myself but I am LOSING MY FUCKING MIND! I do NOT want to sit on my couch till fucking CHRISTMAS. I may wind up being a riot of one…

My apartment is a mess. My only “accomplishment” is another jigsaw puzzle. My alcohol intake has (finally?) increased. It is definitely time for SOME sort of change but I can’t see past my well-worn path between my couch and my toilet. Even on a beautiful day like today, the thought of huffing through fabric pressed against my face has me paralyzed. I want. I want I want I want. And I am, most assuredly, NOT getting.

In keeping with that uptick in booze intake, join me today for Pinky‘s weekly Virtual Lucky Happy Hour. Last week’s was about as entertaining and hilarious as it’s possible for a fucking Zoom thing to be. I’m not sure if we can replicate that level of fun but I’m gonna do MY best! I hope to “see” you. And if I don’t, believe me, I get it.


Meeting ID: 812-3891-3116
Password: 965787