Daily Archives: May 5, 2020

May 5

Alright…I’m doing my best to fucking deal. Yesterday was dark and today doesn’t feel a whole lot different. Oh yes, it is a lovely spring day here in NYC but the thought of putting on a mask to trudge empty sidewalks? Tough.

It’s Cinco de Mayo! One of my favorite days, because I’m a huge fan of chips and guacamole, margaritas, and wearing flowers in my hair! But today? Well, Pinky and I are going to rally and celebrate un poco! Join us for an hour of…whatever we manage to pull together. We’ll “party” at 7pm before we have to attend a virtual birthday party. Sigh…
Log-In Info:
Meeting ID: 878-2238-4995
Password: 18096


Photo from a far more festive Cinco de Mayo last year.