Daily Archives: May 4, 2020

May 4

I dunno…maybe it’s Mondays. I am so angry and sad.

Yesterday I was taken to task about feeling bad for cops. What I’d witnessed on Saturday was a gentle urging to not congregate or stand around with open containers. Turns out there was an alarming incident mere blocks from me. It was an abuse of power. A use of waaaaaay too much force. You may believe cops as an aggregate are evil. But on an individual level they are human beings. They are likely as afraid and frustrated as we are. And I doubt they signed up for telling people they aren’t allowed to be humans. All it takes is one bad actor to make my compassion feel like complicity in the subjugation of entire races and social classes.

I am horrified by the number of people outdoors, refusing to wear masks, refusing to maintain social distances. But I can’t understand why a family of three can’t have a picnic outdoors. How can these situations be policed? How does someone discern if the three people sitting together are family? Roommates? Or just assholes? There are hundreds of social cues that would need to be evaluated. The family of three attempting to picnic was two adults and one child. They likely live in a cramped apartment, not in the plush suburbs with lush back yards. They were at a picnic table that was far from any other tables — or people. And the cops told them they needed to pack up and go home. Yet the west side piers and parks were CRAMMED with convivial, unmasked crowds, socializing as though it were just an average spring weekend. Newsflash: it’s NOT.

I’m also beyond depressed that the many cities that are reopening are, as predicted, seeing horrific rises in cases. Death will certainly follow. It doesn’t bode well for the cities who’ve been locked down and compliant.

In a more manic state yesterday I started researching paper cups and plastic lids. I asked a few employees if they’d be willing to work…and at what comfort level. Today, just talking to the Spectrum customer service person left me in tears. I can’t really see how I can function as a business again.

I’m sorry I’m not my usual cheerful, chirpy self. Or even managing level-headed realism. I’m just too, too sad. No virtual happy hour today. Feel free to reach out directly, if you’d like, after 4pm my time. I’ll be in yet another pointless small business Zoom thing. And, oh, May the Fourth Be With You. Photo of WEAR YOUR FUCKING MASK shirt from www.washyourhandsnyc.etsy.com

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