Daily Archives: May 3, 2020

May 3

Yesterday was the nicest day we’ve had and New Yorkers were out in droves. Yes, that meant many without masks. There were groups gathering everywhere and cops gently breaking up those groups. As the days get warmer, this situation will only get worse. I feel bad for the cops, actually. People are losing their patience with being stuck inside, not seeing their friends. Just being outdoors and talking to people — six feet apart — is a therapy that can’t be found on a laptop. And my bet is, the cops understand this. They were being very patient with people. But it sucked watching booze being dumped out! The bummer is that in other locations — the West Village piers, for instance — the crowds were so big that the cops weren’t even attempting to disperse them.

I certainly don’t have any answers. But I do feel there needs to be something in between complete isolation and the free-for-alls we’re seeing in other cities. I obviously don’t come anywhere close to condoning the protests for haircuts and manicures but it isn’t that big a leap. I feel for Michigan’s governor, who may have overreached a bit by initially not allowing people to buy gardening supplies or house paint. It’s a delicate balance, to be sure.

Anyway, while out, I got myself a couple cocktails at two different locations and encountered a LOT of super drunk 20-somethings, few of whom were wearing masks. I can also relate to them, since, at 20-something I, too, felt immortal. When you’re 20, nothing bad can possibly happen to you! And I’m sure that none of their parents live close enough to be infected by them. So…

The next few weeks are going to be interesting. How is New York going to gear up and reopen? How is the alarming spike in cases in Georgia — nearly 1000 in just hours — going to impact those of us who’ve been working so hard at reducing ours so we CAN reopen? I want to be open, handing out frozen drinks to eager consumers! But how different are my drinks — passed through a door or window — from the next bar’s? If 7B, Maiden Lane (and now Niagra) are making bank, will they still be once the rest of us open up? Again, I’ve got no answers. But we all want to be back in business.

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