Daily Archives: May 2, 2020

May 2

It is already a breathtakingly beautiful day in NYC. The perfect day to stay inside if you are easily freaked out by people not wearing masks. I hear rainy days are a relatively safe oasis!
Around the country, cities are in various stages of “reopening” and people are protesting these stages: too open, not open enough, a “gradual loosening.” I’m afraid that if any of these plans turn out to be an epic fail, as Georgia’s appears it might, the rest of the country will be even more reluctant to try. Not to mention that the thought of an airplane packed full of potentially infected folks traveling FROM somewhere that didn’t have a shelter in place plan TO somewhere that did totally negates all the efforts of the entire sheltered in place population. Sigh…
I’m in a weird mental loop of KNOWING that what I read (and choose to read) will have an effect on my mood so while I’m reading it, I am actually trying to DECIDE how it will affect me. (Oh, can my editor friends tell me if my usage of effect/affect is correct here? Those two words have always been my personal downfall.) As I take in and process information (and opinion) I am monitoring myself, moment to moment, to see how optimistic I’m feeling. Interestingly, a lifetime of what I’ve considered to be a Gemini-like duality has me ideally suited for experiencing a “We’re all fucked” and “It will all be okay” simultaneously. Anyway, talk about “being in your head,” eh?
Also going on in my head? Why am I writing these posts? Why would anyone care what I have to say? I appreciate the feedback I’ve received! It seems some of you are both reading my rambling posts and enjoying them! They are my therapy.
One of the rare silver linings about all this? I am REALLY loving seeing inside the lives — and living rooms — of newscasters and talk show hosts and, well, everyone! I’m an architectural and interior design voyeur!
Well, that’s about all the rambling I have for this morning. No Virtual Happy Hour scheduled for today. I may venture out and safely socialize. Or maybe just buy some milk. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay sane, friends!
Spectacular spring shot of Tompkins Square Park by E.V. Grieve