Daily Archives: May 1, 2020

May 1

Whoooeeeee! Welcome to day 62 of our collective corona virus lockdown nightmare! I can’t even tell if what DiBlasio and Cuomo are saying is giving us hope or not.

Last night was super fun! It’s amazing what 10 millimeters of sour cherry candy combined with 9 bottles of light beer can do for one’s disposition. I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time! It devolved into a photo shoot for the Long Drink #pantsdrunk thing where they donate $10 to out of work bartenders for every hashtagged photo of someone in their underwear drinking Long Drink. Pinky had her Finnish flag prop and the perfect bright red ensemble! I’m hoping the pix wind up in an ad campaign! At the very least, her photos are the most fun!


So? TGIF? Oh! And RABBIT RABBIT! I can’t believe it’s May! Last night was Walpurgisnacht and today is Beltane/May Day! I had hoped it would be the grand opening of Hekate, but, well, those plans were put on hold. Hopefully sometime in the not-too-distant future!

Let us celebrate the witches and the crones, the thin veil between the living and the spirits, the coming of Summer, of fertility and virility and blossoming flowers! Let’s also celebrate the MANY frontline workers, including those who are holding a General Strike today. Don’t cross the virtual picket lines! Please refrain from ordering anything to be delivered today. And try and take this ONE day off from Amazon?

Okay! What does this day hold? We’re having our Virtual Mother’s Day Market today! At 5pm I’ll be opening up the virtual bar for an hour of cocktails and conversation. The virtual shopping will start at 6 and last till 8. You can buy already existing products or order custom stuff! Join us!

And after we’ve wrapped up the shopping, I’m going to conduct a very informal Beltane ritual. I’m no professional! But I do want to personally herald all that the day holds out hope for! If you don’t want to shop, just pop in at 8pm!
Meeting ID: 863-0517-9461
Password: 300036
Have a wonderful day, friends!