April 30

I have been completely fascinated by the variation of reactions I’ve witnessed among my friends and acquaintances. They range from quiet acceptance and comfortable compliance to conspiracy theories and panic-stricken lashing out. The range of coping mechanisms have been equally interesting: from stubborn denial to domestic baking, realistic reposting of sound articles to questionable YouTube links.

But most striking is the disparate human behavior. Some friends have literally not left their homes AT ALL since they were instructed to shelter in place. On the other end of that spectrum are the people who are out in the world, working — whether they’ve been deemed “essential” or not — as well as those who choose to exercise or explore or otherwise get outdoors every day. I can tell you, as someone who falls somewhat in the center of said spectrum, that getting outdoors, for ANY reason, radically skews your experience of the circumstances. Merely seeing other humans going about their lives, LIVE (as opposed to on the TV or computer screen), gives you a whole different perspective. No judgement. Just fact.

Along with these differing behaviors come differing responses to the actions of others. Some remain silent while others are maniacally wagging their fingers. As I’ve admitted before, I’m usually a super Judgey McJudgerson but, during all of this, I’ve (mostly) attempted to rein in my scolding. Everyone is where they are, on any given day and on a moment-to-moment basis. If I walk past someone who isn’t wearing a mask, I either turn my head or walk into the street. Why bother harassing them? Either they don’t believe masks are “a thing,” as demonstrated so distressingly by both our president AND vice president, or they simply haven’t gotten the memo. Yes, perhaps they are horrifyingly selfish individuals, but is screaming at them through MY mask going to change their behavior? Probably not. Why waste my scant reserves of energy?

Anyway, those are my thoughts for today! Thursday! And the last day of April! Thank you for reading through all that (if you actually did)!

Please join Pinky for her weekly Thursday Virtual Lucky Happy Hour today at 6pm. We usually “hang out” till at least 8pm.
Meeting ID: 859-0419-2790
Password: 539156

And tomorrow we’re having a Virtual Mother’s Day Market! Buy gifts for Mom — or yourself ! You can even have a Mother’s Day card sent in your name! If it goes well, we will be doing more, with more vendors! Get in touch if you’re interested in participating!


Adorable sketch of a sadly shuttered Lucky by Delphine le Goff

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