Daily Archives: April 29, 2020

April 29

Uuuugh! I’ve come to the conclusion that my daily mood is mostly based on what I encounter every morning on Facebook. If I read depressing articles and see alarming levels of insanity in my friends’ posts, it makes it difficult to get out of bed. If I read something uplifting or optimistic and people seem to be feeling okay, I, too, feel optimistic and okay. Today? People are losing their collective minds. Scolding and shaming, paranoia and finger pointing, and an article I didn’t even click on: “These are the good times — compared to what’s coming next.” Nope. Not gonna click on that, even if the guy IS a Pulitzer Prize Winner. I need HOPE, motherfucker!

I’ve already picked several fights on Facebook and it isn’t even noon yet. I may require medication. But yesterday? It was a warm, sunny day. I went out for a walk and sat in Union Square Park with a friend (WEARING MASKS! SITTING APART!), handing off a bag of fabric for mask making. I saw the Blue Angels fly overhead and consumed more fresh produce than I probably have since…since never. It was a good day!

Today being Wednesday (yes, I’m still keeping track!) I’ll be cyber-attending the weekly Burning Man Happy Hour, so there won’t be one of mine. Tomorrow? We’ll see. But on Friday you’re invited to both the Virtual Mother’s Day Market and my Beltane Celebration. Please put this on your calendar!