April 28

Well! It doesn’t really matter how miserable you may be FEELING, it is a glorious spring day in NYC! Get your ass outdoors! Put aside your hatred of the maskless and stand in the middle of the street if you have to! There isn’t much traffic so the likelihood of getting hit by a bus is WAY down! Did you look skyward for the Blue Angels? Hate on them instead. YES! It’s a total waste of money. But whatever. I saw them and it was SUPER cool. (I’ll admit, I do have a soft spot for military might. As, apparently, do many of my neighbors. I sure wish they could’ve coordinated the fly-over with a pot-banging session!)

“If you’re not scared to be here, you’re not human,” says a nurse, quoted in a NYTimes article, referring, of course, to NYC. That must make me an android, because I am not afraid. I’m also not working in a hospital, so there’s that. But why would I be any more afraid here than anywhere else during this insanity? They keep telling us the virus knows no boundaries. I believe New Yorkers are a braver bunch, anyway.

I’ve grown weary of some words and phrases, so let’s retire them, shall we? I don’t want to hear “unprecedented” or “uncertain times.” Since when were “times” ever “certain?” And I find “social distancing” to be completely depressing. Whaddaya say we go with “safe socializing” instead? It’s far more positive! The accompanying photo is me — smiling, can you tell? — engaging in “safe socializing.” That’s what we call seeing our neighbors, here in the big city, folks, so save your scolding. Lucky you to live somewhere that you never see another soul (maybe?) but here, where we’re packed in like sardines, just getting from point A to point B will result in seeing familiar faces. Even if they’re obscured by masks. And if we stop and say hello, admire a newly acquired puppy, or compliment someone’s pandemic styling, so be it. Bite me.


Many, many thanks to Stacie Joy, who captured this shot. She has been documenting everything, all day, every day, including what stores are open and how well their shelves are stocked, as well as the many faces of the folks on the front lines. She and E.V. Grieve have been providing incredibly valuable information to locals! And if you want to see an ever-updated of “what’s open” here in the neighborhood, check out East Village Community Coalition’s awesome map:

My apologies for the somewhat lengthy post! Maybe the sunshine is inspiring me! I’ll be doing a Virtual Lucky Happy Hour tonight from 6 till 8 (at least). It’s been a bit! And keep an eye out for Suzanne‘s Virtual Mother’s Day Market. She’ll be hosting an online Zoom shopping experience. If you’re a vendor, get in touch! Also, I’ll be hosting a Beltane event on Friday. It’s a celebration of summer and fertility and love and flowers! Buy yourself a bouquet or a plant and get ready for an uplifting ritual!
Meeting ID: 822-5497-0123
Password: 038905

Have a wonderful day, friends!

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