April 26

It’s a gloomy Sunday, with rain and thunderstorms in the forecast. That suits us just fine. We are watching Cuomo talk about the reopening plan and trying to be optimistic, but realistically, we won’t be able to get back to work for at least another two months, based on the tentative phases. We have been mulling over the many alternative business models we might use to make things work and have come up with some pretty radical ideas. Who knows what directions Lucky will take? We just want to get back behind that bar…
Yesterday was the best day since this whole load of bullshit went down. We ventured out and stood in the sunshine, seeing the faces of Lucky’s friends and regulars. Yes, they were partially obscured. But you could tell they were smiling. We were ALL smiling! It was a beautiful day on every level! It literally gave us life. (And yes, we social distanced…yes, we wore masks…yes, we were safe and smart!)
Tonight’s Virtual Lucky Happy Hour is your weekly Sunday Sandy & Joe Show! They’ve really been keeping up their schedule, giving their friends and regulars something to look forward to. Join them!
Here’s the log-in info for tonight’s Zoom:
Meeting ID: 821-4724-1211
Password: 476784
Enjoy your Sunday, friends! And if you’re missing the Lucky jukebox, look up the Luck On B playlist on Spotify! Cheers!

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