Daily Archives: April 25, 2020

April 25

Yippee! It’s the weekend? What? You mean it isn’t Wednesday? Whatever. But it IS beautiful! I’m gonna brave the spitting joggers and other entitled, unmasked millenials (or whoever they all are, including one of my dear friends) and get out into the glorious sunshine. It’s supposed to hit 60!

Yesterday I helped host not one but TWO Virtual Lucky Happy Hours! First was Sammy Sam’s French Soiree, live from Marseilles! There was cheese, bread, an adorable beret and even one of those cute striped shirts! Tres fantastique! A few hours later, Alex and Maegan hosted from their apartment above their store on East 12th. I’m really enjoying having guest hosts. It takes the pressure off of me and I get to meet new people!

While “watching” Alex and Maegan, I gobbled down a pint of boozy ice cream by Tipsy Scoop, the first of four sent by the thoughtful Lisa Belsky! She asked that I report back so I am pleased to say that the Vanilla Bean Bourbon was DEEEElicious! I didn’t feel much initially but about a half our later I was pleasantly, sleepy-buzzed! I’m not sure an ice cream drunk is sustainable, however. I don’t think I can make it through TWO pints, though I might give it a try, for SCIENCE! Stay tuned! It might be smarter to have the creamy treat be either the beginning or end of a drinking binge! And NO, I am NOT going to put ice cream into coffee!

Alrighty then! Who’s up for a late afternoon Zoom? I’m not sure what kind of shape I’ll be in when I get back from my adventure out into the real world. Check back here around 6pm and see if I have the intestinal fortitude to open up the virtual bar. Enjoy your day as best you can, friends!