Daily Archives: April 24, 2020

April 24

It’s only 9am and I have already gone out for groceries. For the first time in over a month. There wasn’t a line so I waltzed right in. Everything looked safe and clean and the employees were friendly and working hard. I felt like falling to my knees in front of them. But I wanted to hustle! Everything was stocked and organized and, aside from my debit card not swiping correctly, it was a fairly pleasant experience. (If you’ve ever been to Key Food on Avenue A, that’s saying a lot, even under the best of circumstances!) I’m glad I only live across the street because $182 worth of food is really heavy! And now I know how cavemen felt after venturing out onto the frozen tundra for the hunt, dragging the carcass home!

Yesterday’s virtual birthday BBQ was super fun but it was somewhat painful being in NYC and watching all the CA people actually barbecuing. In the sunshine! Grrrr…. Pinky hosted our Happy Hour and people hung out till about 10pm. That was another Zoom-full day!

So what does….uh, Friday? Yeah, Friday have in store? The lovely Samantha Pantha will be hosting French themed afternoon event — well, evening where she is! Grab a bottle of wine, some cheese, put on a beret? 1:45 NY time! Then, later in the day, join Alex (Lucky’s Saturday night bartender) and Maegan for their Happy Hour, 6 till 8. They’re gonna play some games — with prizes! — and talk about their awesome eBay auction of vintage clothing that’s been decorated by local artists. Check back here for the log-in info for each event! Now I’m gonna relax after my big game hunting morning!


April 23


Thurblurgsday…and I’m slightly hungover. Last night’s Virtual Burning Man Happy Hour morphed into my New Moon Ritual around 10pm and lasted until 1:45am. That was almost a full eight hours of Zooming for moi. It included me cleansing my motherfucking aura. Everyone setting realistic intentions. And a warm, supportive atmosphere. I SWEAR! We also decided that pickle juice is our holy water. So be ready for the Church of StAbby! All are welcome! Heh. I’m sure if I were to ever actually form such a disorganized religion, the government would immediately start taxing them all, so that alone might be proper motivation!

It also got more intense than I’d anticipated, with tears over the menacing way mask wearing makes everyone appear as a prospective enemy and then news of a friend’s suicide. Both clear indications that there are other damaging results from our circumstances than all the “flattening the curve” statistics alone reveal.

Today I’m attending a west coast zoom birthday BBQ. I wish I had something — anything — to faux-BQ but I’m grateful to have a bucket of cole slaw, so I can enjoy a proper BBQ side dish! That party is at 4pm NYC time, so I’m planning to open up the virtual bar at 6pm. Join me! I really missed everyone on Monday and Tuesday, which I took “off” to binge watch more Ozark. Pinky will be your host today so there will be a convivial crowd and I’ll likely be doing my “lame living room workout” in the background while the rest of you drink. Cheers, friends!