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April 22 – New Moon

Watching CuomoVision and it’s Day 53. I’m so proud of my city. We are hunkering down and doing this. As opposed to storming our state capital with AK47s and ridiculous demands for haircuts. I mean, really? Thousands of people are dying and they’re worried about haircuts? Survival of the Smartest (TM), my friends! Let’s stay smart!
I thought I’d moved through the stages of grief to acceptance but I woke up this morning smack dab in denial again. How is this all even possible? It would be laughable, this waking up in a Stephen King novel, if it weren’t so fucking terrifying. I really can’t believe it and I’m living it. Stupefying.
So what does today have in store? Aside from more of same? Burning Man Happy Hour happens at 6pm and it’s one of the few things I look forward to each week. It is also a New Moon tonight at 10:25. I held a Full Moon Ritual a few weeks back and I plan on holding a New Moon Ritual tonight, so check back here for the log-in info. It was a total hippy-dippy, witchy thing (and totally out of character, I was told) but, well, there you have it. I’m a closet hippy AND a closet witch! Given that it is also Earth Day (Happy 50th, Earth Day!), there will be a nod toward Mother Earth. Prepare for your personal ritual by doing a bit of research, thinking about intentions you’d like to set, and gathering whatever tools you will need. At the very least it will be an intimate gathering. Hope to see you!
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