April 21

Blerggedy blerg! It’s Tuesday! But we’ve got a thunderstorm to look forward to, so there’s that… I haven’t been a total lump while home. Look at the silly Bingo game I created! Of course, this morning I saw someone else post something similar. Sigh. Guess I should’ve gotten on that creativity thing on day 2, eh? Whatevs. Mine’s cuter cause I used fun fonts! Feel free to play along…with yourself!

Last night I binge watched Ozark instead of hosting a happy hour. It was kinda lonely but it also wasn’t a drain on my energy. I think I’ll take another night off. Though I may pop into the 6pm Burning Man Zoom thing where we’re supposed to talk about how the BMOrg can survive and thrive through the pandemic. I’m not quite as concerned about BRC as I am about NYC, especially since the burner community is such a strong one. But you know how much I love being able to put in my dos centavos! So we’ll see. Maybe when that meeting “adjourns” I’ll be in need of a decompression! Check back here around 9pm to see if I changed my mind and decided to do a last-minute, later-night virtual bar.

I hope you’re holding it together out there, friends. It hasn’t been easy for any of us. And I cannot WAIT till this shit is OVER!


If the companies renting equipment don’t give a moratorium on that rent, there will be no bars or restaurants left to rent to. If landlords don’t offer a moratorium on rent, their spaces will sit empty, along with so many others. If the government doesn’t offer assistance, millions of people will not just BE out of work but REMAIN out of work. Small businesses are a huge chunk of the economy, especially in circumstances where Amazon can’t fulfill the order. How do you recreate community from a fucking cardboard box, stamped with an inane “smile”?

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