Daily Archives: April 20, 2020

April 20

Hello and Happy Monday! Yes. Monday. Yes, a new week…in fact, week six of this insanity. I’ve moved through all the stages of grief and am now, happily, in acceptance. I am projecting myself into the future, when there will be a nostalgia for the sound of friends’ voices through the filter of Zoom parties. When we joke about long lines to get into the grocery store. (Are you old enough to remember the mile-long lines for gas in the ’70s?) When we giggle about how long we went without a shower or the days we never got out of our pajamas. Those days will come. We may have fewer friends. We may have life-long health problems as a result of making it through the virus. We may have new careers — or at least new jobs — to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. But sometime in the ideally not-too-distant future, that will be our reality. We will adjust. We will survive.

On a lighter note, but in the vein of survival and, eventually, recovery, my friends Maegan and Alex of East Village Vintage Collective have collaborated with a number of artists and combined vintage clothing and accessories with original artwork, resulting in whimsical upcycled creations. These pieces are available in an online eBay auction. They’re all pretty rad! And this Friday, the two of them will be co-hosting the Lucky Virtual Happy Hour, 6-8pm. You already know Alex as Lucky’s Saturday night bartender so you can support both Lucky staff and another local small business by checking in, putting a tip in his virtual tip jar or, if you are able, purchasing one of the super cool items in the auction. Go have a look!

And speaking of the Lucky Virtual Happy Hours, I’m going to take today off. Feel free to reach out directly. I’d welcome a phone conversation or one-on-one Zoom or whatever works for you! Have a good one!