Daily Archives: April 19, 2020

April 19

Woooooo boy! That was a wild one! No, not my pre-game, which was pretty much just Suzanne and Pinky chatting away, with Jill joining on the later side. I’m talking about the Zoom wedding I went to! So many of my favorite people who I won’t be seeing in the dust this year. Waaaah!

I think I passed out on the couch. That was AFTER I was demonstrating that my plastic wine glass wasn’t right for making the “make a toast” noise….and it shattered anyway, splashing my vodka and vodka and Orange Crush cocktail ALL OVER my jigsaw puzzle, my floor and my fucking LAPTOP!

It appears to have survived (that’s for the drying out tip, Jill!) but the space bar is a bit sticky. Talk about a buzz kill. Anyway, I’m back to drink another day. Naaaah, not really, I’m back on the wagon, at least till Wednesday.

But tonight is the Mighty Darling Show! Sandy and Joe will be hosting the Lucky Virtual Happy Hour from 5 till 7. Stop by and say hi! And drop a tip into their virtual tip jar, if you’re able! Info will be posted at 4:45!
Meeting ID: 460 212 4776
Password: 611779

Have a lovely Sunday, friends!