Daily Archives: April 16, 2020

April 16

Scavenger hunts. 80s music bingo. Yoga classes. Harrumph. Why can’t we just DRINK, ferfuckssake?!? Well, we CAN. And we WILL. Tonight! With your hostess barmaid, Pinky! Check back here at 6:20 for the log-in info for our Virtual Lucky Happy Hour. There will be giggles and ridiculousness. And if you feel inspired to tip her, Pinky’s PayPal is eevadoherty@gmail.com and her Venmo is @eevadoherty.
See you all at 6:30! Woot!
Other than that, I got nothin’. Another fucking month of this shit. Shit. Sigh…
Meeting ID: 944 1193 6483
Password: 202598