Daily Archives: April 13, 2020

April 13

Gah. Monday. NOT usually my favorite day. And it’s miserable out. Usually I’d be dragging my sorry ass into the bar, expecting it to be a slow day. Now? I’m glad it’s crappy out because I don’t feel obligated to get out for a “walk” or a “run.” I can happily stay in my pajamas and hang out with the Scribs. And I kinda earned it!

Yesterday’s virtual Easter Parade was SO much fun! Seeing all the dancing and the chapeaux, the flowers and kids and pets and silliness! It was definitely invigorating! (See my new profile pic, captured by Victoria Golos!) And then I ventured out into the world, where I saw more flowers and kids and pets and friends in varying degrees of holiday finery! Stacie Joy was out there documenting it all, as usual, and got a shot of me sporting my giant Peeps ridiculousness. I got myself the most delicious bloody mary of my entire LIFE from Gareth at Maiden Lane! I sat on a park bench and watched the world go by for a while. It was a much-needed — and literal — breath of fresh air!

I came back home refreshed and rejuvenated and sat down to a delicious home-made Easter meal. And for ALL of that, I am thankful. Now I’m listening to Governor Nipple Piercings tell us that the numbers are flattening, that our efforts are paying off, that he’s discussing a plan to (eventually) “re-open” with neighboring governors, and for THAT I am thankful. Most of all, though, I am thankful for all of YOU, for keeping me (virtual) company, maintaining your sense of humor — and adventure — and for saving my sanity. I just got off an EVIMA Zoom meeting and will probably open the virtual bar today around 6. Stop by if you’d like! You know I am ALWAYS happy to see your smiling –or weeping — faces! Big Monday MWAH to everyone!

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