Daily Archives: April 12, 2020

April 12 – Easter!

Happy Easter! I almost fell down the (not Easter bunny) rabbit hole this morning, thinking about how much work it was gonna be to SHOWER! And get into a COSTUME! All to just be in a fucking ZOOM virtual Easter Parade. But I’m gonna rally. Because it’s a holiday. And I LOVE a holiday. Because it’s a party. And I LOVE a party! Because it’s a pandemic. And…wait. Nope. NOT loving the pandemic. NOT loving being alone, missing my friends, not working, not handing beers across the bar to people I love. NOT NOT NOT! But I am gonna put on my big girl lacy Bo Peep panties and DO THIS! I invite you to join me!

At 11:30, I’m opening up the virtual bar for some Easter Parade Pre-Gaming! I have OJ and I have Prosecco and I’m finally gonna indulge in some bubbly mimosa action! I’m gonna glue gems on my face and rotate through three of my past parade lewks. I’m gonna dance in front of my laptop because, well, because AS YOU DO! Then when the virtual parade is over, I’m gonna go outside and see some familiar faces. (YES, from SIX FEET AWAY AND WITH A MASK, YES!)
Login Info for 11:30 till 1:00:
Meeting ID: 915 0275 2406
Password: 892710
Link to Virtual Easter Parade: https://www.facebook.com/events/220601472500351/

Then I’m gonna come home and shovel delicious home made food that a friend so thoughtfully delivered yesterday into my face, while Sandy and Joe conduct your weekly Sunday Lucky Happy Hour, from 5 till 7. I’ll likely take over at 7 (or 8, or whenever Sandy and Joe get tired of hosting) so stop by for an Easter visit! The log-in info will be posted here. I may be eating while wearing my giant Peep! It is going to be a BLAST! I swear! 🤪